Nosy Crow is a small, multi-award-winning, independent company. We began publishing child-focused, parent-friendly children’s books and apps in January 2011 with the aim of creating books and apps that encourage children to read for pleasure. We’re one of the country’s fastest growing publishing companies: we’re currently the 13th biggest publisher of children’s books in the UK.

We publish high-quality, commercial fiction and non-fiction books for children aged from 0 to 14 by well-known authors and illustrators and by new talent. Making well-designed physical books is important to us, and we think carefully about covers, paper type and paper weight so that our books are attractive to look at and pleasing to hold. All of our fiction appears simultaneously in print and ebook form. All of our paperback picture books come with a free digital audio reading using an innovation we’ve called Stories Aloud. We’re building a library of audio-enhanced iBooks with text highlighting which are digital versions of our picture books.

We make innovative, multimedia, highly interactive apps for tablets, smart phones and other touchscreen devices. These apps are not existing books squashed onto screens, but instead are specially created to take advantage of the devices to tell stories and provide information to children in new and engaging ways. We don’t want reading to be the most boring thing a child can do on a touchscreen.

Our books and apps have won many awards over the years, and we have also won many awards as a company:

• 2017 British Book Awards Children’s Publisher of the Year Award
• 2017 Independent Publishers Guild Children’s Publisher of the Year Award
• 2016 Independent Publishers Guild Independent Publisher of the Year Award
• 2016 Independent Publishers Guild Children’s Publisher of the Year Award
• 2015 Independent Publishers Guild Digital Marketing Award
• 2014 Nectar Business Small Business of the Year Award
• 2014 Stationer’s Company Innovation Award
• 2014 The Bookseller Industry Awards Highly Commended Independent Publisher of the Year
• 2014 Independent Publishers Guild Digital Marketing Award
• 2014 Independent Publishers Guild International Achievement Award
• 2013 Independent Publishers Guild Children’s Publisher of the Year Award
• 2013 Independent Publishers Guild International Achievement Award
• 2012 Independent Publishers Guild Children’s Publisher of the Year Award
• 2012 Independent Publishers’s Guild Innovation Award
• 2012 Independent Publisher’s Guild Newcomer’s Award
• 2011 Mumpreneur UK Inspirational Mum of the Year


Good books, good apps

We know it’s subjective, but Nosy Crow wants to be proud of everything that we publish and make. We want to be sure that it meets the need of a reader (or emerging reader), and meets that need as well as it possibly can. That means great illustration, great design, great audio, great video, great animation and really great writing. We go out of our way to find these things from new and established talents.

Authors, illustrators and creative talent

We recognise that it’s a privilege to be entrusted with other people’s creative work. We aim to be nurturing, responsive, speedy and fair in our relationships with authors, illustrators and other creative people. We want them to enjoy working with us and being part of Nosy Crow.

Our culture

We are very happy to be independent. We are very happy to be small (for now: we hope to grow, of course). We are very happy that we can be fast and responsive. All in all, we are very happy. We think that being happy and having fun is important and will make what we do better and more successful. We don’t have big meetings. We don’t have a corporate machine we need to feed. We make all our own decisions.

New technology

Apps, ebooks, websites, Facebook, Twitter… we actively embrace new technology in what we make, and in how we tell people about it.

Thinking internationally

We have, between us, decades of relationships and friendships in the international world of reading. In our careers, we have made books that have been successful throughout the world and we have a strong understanding of global markets. We are looking for books and apps that will translate well, and we look forward to selling our books and apps throughout the world.

Being part of something bigger

We like being small, but we are proud to be part of a bigger industry. Nosy Crow is a member of the Publishers Association (www.publishers.org.uk), and of the Independent Publishers Guild (www.ipg.uk.com).

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