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Animal SnApp: Farm: available in the app store

Young readers swipe the screen to solve a simple visual puzzle. Then they tap to explore the adventures of Lucky Lamb, Portly Pig, Gobbly Goat, Higgly Hen, Diggedy Dog, Cuddly Cow and friends. With music, animations, and silly sound effects, the first app in the Animal SnApp series delivers hours of fun for children aged 2 and above. Illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This app includes 6 separate stories.

★ Winner, Editor’s Choice Award, Children’s Technology Review

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  • Matching game with embedded stories
  • Six entertaining rhymes narrated by children
  • Full of fun! Music, sound-effects and extra comments

Sample Story
Portly Pig felt much too clean
He squealed, “I don’t like grass that’s green!”

“I think flowers and trees are yucky.
I want to find a place that’s mucky.”

He found a lovely muddy pool.
And rolled around. “That’s nice and cool.”

He splashed and sploshed and played all day.
But suddenly, the sky turned grey.

And when the rain began to fall
He didn’t like it much at all.

“My mud’s been washed off by the rain.
I’ll have to jump back in again.”