IPG Children's Publisher of the Year

Rounds: Franklin Frog: available in the app store

The first in an innovative new series of multimedia, interactive life-science/non-fiction apps based on circular characters whose real life stories start where they end. Rounds: Franklin Frog follows the life cycle of a frog through three generations.

• Hands-on opportunities to take part in the life of a frog: tap , swipe and guide frogs with your finger to make them jump, swim, catch flies, avoid predators, find a place to hibernate, croak to attract a mate, lay eggs, hatch, and transform from a tadpole into a frog.
• 100s of frog facts: did you know that frogs chew by pressing food against the back of their eyeballs with their tongues?
• High-quality child-narrated audio accompanied by text highlighting (but you can also turn the voice audio off so the child can read the text by themselves if you prefer)
• Original , high-quality illustration, made of circles and parts of circles to reflect the circle-of-life theme
• Original musical sound-track by an award-winning games composer

Perfect for ages 2-5.

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