IPG Children's Publisher of the Year

Rounds: Parker Penguin: available in the app store

Rounds: Parker Penguin is the second brilliant Rounds app, using an ingenious format to tell the life story of an animal that starts and ends in the same place.

Illustrated in a bold, graphic style – using only circles and divisions of circles – and with fantastic interactivity, original music and lively child voice narration, this delightful app is both educational and fun.

★ Well-researched and accurate educational content – learn all about penguins and the Antarctic
★ An age-appropriate story told in accessible and carefully-chosen language
★ Stylish but child-friendly graphics – the circular story is told using art made of circles and parts of circles
★ Hundreds of interactive elements triggered by tapping, swiping and tipping the screen
★ Hundreds of lines of dialogue voiced by child actors
★ Rich animation (you can watch the penguins do their mating dance, for example)
★ Original music by BAFTA award-winning composer, Robin Beanland

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Perfect for ages 2-5.

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