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The Three Little Pigs: available in the app store

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Winner of 2011 Editor’s Choice Award, Children’s Technology Review magazine

One of the Top 10 “The Best Children’s Books on the iPad” —Gadgetwise, The New York Times

Highly readable and age-appropriate, this app is filled with exciting music, vibrant animations and hundreds of touchpoints. Children (ages 3+) participate in the story like never before!

Special Features:

  • Sophisticated animations on every screen
  • Hundreds of funny character comments and interactive surprises
  • Blow into the microphone to blow down the pig’s houses
  • Listen to the story narrated entirely by children
  • An all-original interactive soundtrack – each character has its own musical identity
  • A different reading experience every time

Illustrated and animated by Ed Bryan.

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The Three Little Pigs app was created to take full advantage of the iPad’s technical capabilities.

  • Blow into the microphone to blow down the pig’s houses
  • Tilt the device to see more of the scene
  • Zoom in to reveal hidden details
  • Flick the characters to make them jump, spin and speak
  • Tap the screen to trigger hundreds of funny interactive surprises



  • “Book apps have been evolving, and many special ones are creating a new medium: interactive books. With interactive books, kids are still being read to, but now they too become a part of the story.”


  • “One of the best renditions of the classic story in the app store.” The Best Children’s Books on the iPad

    Gadgetwise, The New York Times

  • “Nosy Crow… enhanced the storytelling by making it a visual feast. The combination is awe-inspiring, and makes it nothing short of a masterpiece. Believe this: children and children at heart will see this not simply as an app, but an experience.”

    Huffington Post

  • “This app is a masterpiece.”


  • “Don’t miss this visually exciting story app! Five stars.”

    Common Sense Media

  • “The high production standards and lushly textured animation make this a showcase app, like The Elements, for demonstrating what iPads can do.”


  • “All kidding aside, it’s difficult not to chuckle when reading Nosy Crow’s version of The Three Little Pigs because of just how well done it is. Lets huff and puff through all the reasons, shall we?” 4.5 out of 5 stars


  • “The company hit it out of the park, combining a familiar story with interactive features…and unique, witty and endearing illustrations. A must-own!”

    Yahoo News

  • “The multiple layers of connectivity allows your child to enjoy the story on whatever level they are comfortable at the time. This is truly a quality app that your child will grow up with and treasure for years to come.”

    Apps for iPads

  • “It’s a multi-media reading experience you and your kids won’t soon forget.”

    Digital Storytime

  • “A must-buy if you have small children. A probably-should-buy even if you don’t!”


  • “Interactivity in The Three Little Pigs is what I’d call just enough. It’s fun, but the story is still the main feature… [my daughter] has been repeatedly coming back and playing this app the same way she comes back to her favorite books.”

    Media Macaroni

  • “If the success of a book app is the perfect blending of design, audio, interactivity, animation, illustration and the story [then] Nosy Crow just raised the bar. The best children’s book app to date.”


  • “The Three Little Pigs… is expertly crafted, charmingly narrated, and entertaining for such an extended stretch that we actually enjoyed just sitting down and playing through it several times. We’ll be anxiously awaiting whatever the company does next.”


  • “If you and your kids love an entertaining app with lots of interactive features, this version of The Three Little Pigs is a wonderful choice.”


  • “The child is actually driving the story. It’s not interactive or reactive – it’s proactive.”

    My Little Notepad

  • “The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow is a truly interactive app that lets you and your kids fully experience (not just read!) this classic story in a whole new way.”


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