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Nosy Crow wins Young Company of the Year award at the Growing Business Awards

Posted by Kate on Nov 26, 2014

Last night, Nosy Crow was awarded the Young Company of the Year Award at the Growing Business Awards last night.

The gold envelope and the card inside it that I nicked from the podium

The Growing Business Awards are managed by Real Business and the CBI in association with Lloyds Bank, and, as they say, they celebrate the very best of British business and the entrepreneurs that power some of the fastest-growing UK companies. The awards are in their 16th year. 63 companies were shortlisted by 25 business leader judges for 12 awards.

In the Young Company of the Year Award category, sponsored by Citroen, Nosy Crow won against Lovespace, the self-storage business; Anesco, a provider of energy efficiency services; Captify, an advertising tech firm; cement manufacturers Hope Construction Materials; and ProperCorn, the upmarket popcorn brand.

The judges praised Nosy Crow’s creativity and innovation, but I wasn’t, of course, able to jot down what they said about us as I went up to the award (I went on my own: the tickets were spenny), so, rather embarrassingly, I will have to quote what they said in the printed guide to the awards about me, rather than the company: “Kate Wilson is an exceptional entrepreneur. Her extreme focus and maximum personal effort is evident in everything she does.” I came back from the Frankfurt Book Fair for 12 hours for the shortlist interviews, which took place on 9 October 2014.

This is Nosy Crow’s third business award in as many months: on 3 September, Nosy Crow was named Nectar Business Small Business of the Year; and on October 6 Nosy Crow was named one of the Smarta100 companies – the 100 most resourceful, inspiring and disruptive small businesses in the UK.

I know that I’ve said this about our other business awards over the last few months, but at a time when press coverage of the publishing business is full of gloom and doom, it’s a great triumph not just for Nosy Crow, but I sort of feel for the industry, to win against such a strong and varied shortlist. Winning industry-specific awards is GREAT, but there’s something special about being recognised in a wider arena.

And winning is, of course, a great tribute to Nosy Crow’s staff and to our authors and illustrators, and makes us all the more grateful for the support of our many customers in the UK and elsewhere.

The Award on the messy, post-dinner table

When I accepted the award, I talked about my sense, as a corporate refugee, of privilege about being welcomed into the world of small, entrepreneurial business. I am endlessly impressed and intrigued by the ways that people find to make money for themselves and for others; to employ other people; and to delight their customers. I sat next to a lovely man whose company lays temporary aluminium roads for festivals and film sets among other things. He talked about his motivation – “loving my customers” – just as we talk about our motivations: to make and market great books and apps that children will want to return to and that parents will trust.

Comedian Ed Byrne did something for Nosy Crow that he didn’t do for any of the other winners: he said to the audience that, when he’d met me earlier (I’d gone in error to the VIP drinks reception instead of the normal one – don’t ask…) he hadn’t known what company I came from but that he and his kids knew and loved Nosy Crow books, so it was great that we’d got the prize.

All of the Real Business Awards winners

Christmas is coming to the iBook Store!

Posted by Tom on Nov 25, 2014

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve launched some beautiful, enhanced iBook editions of some of our most festive and wintery picture books. You can now find Pip and Posy: The Snowy Day, by Axel Scheffler, and Just Right for Christmas, by Birdie Black and Rosalind Beardshaw, on the iBook Store, complete with audio and text highlighting – and for only £2.99 ($4.99) each.

In The Snowy Day, Pip and Posy can’t wait to go out and play in the snow. They have all sorts of fun, until they decide to build a snowman… when things start to go a bit pear-shaped. Pip wants a snowRABBIT, but Posy wants a snowMOUSE. An argument erupts and very soon both friends are cold and wet – and very sad. Oh dear! Happily the friends resolve their differences over a cosy craft sessions indoors. Here’s the book on the iBook Store:

And here’s a look inside the book:

And in Just Right for Christmas, one snowy Christmas Eve the king buys some soft red cloth to make a cloak for the princess. Little does he know that the left-over cloth will be used to make presents for many more of the kingdom’s inhabitants, right down to the last teeny bit of cloth, which is just right to make a scarf that will protect the smallest mouse from the winter chill. Rhythmical writing and heartwarming, charming illustrations from renowned Rosalind Beardshaw make this lovely story with a perfect Christmas message a joy to give to your loved ones. Here’s the book on the iBook Store:

And here’s a look inside the book:

And that’s not all! We have some more seasonal iBooks on the way – and in the meantime, Merry Christmas from Nosy Crow!

Be the first to try a brand new feature in the Nosy Crow Jigsaws app!

Posted by Tom on Nov 24, 2014

This Thursday we’re launching an update for the Nosy Crow Jigsaws app, which will include a very exciting new feature: you’ll be able to make jigsaws from ANY of your own photos!

Any images saved in the Camera Roll of your iPad or iPhone can be turned into jigsaws and used like any of the existing artwork in the app – you can turn your pictures into puzzles from 4 to 300 pieces.

The new feature will be available as an in-app purchase for $4.99/ £2.99 – and once you’ve unlocked it, you can make unlimited jigsaws from your photos.

And this week, we’re giving subscribers to our apps mailing list early access to the feature – and giving it away to for free!

If you’d like an exclusive early look at the app update, email apps at nosycrow dot com with Jigsaw Update in the subject heading to subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll send you a promo code to download the Nosy Crow Jigsaws update and get the new feature for free, before it’s available on the App Store!

This new feature really unlocks the full potential of our jigsaw app – the possibilities are VERY exciting. You can make jigsaws of your children’s artwork, like Ed has done in this video:

OR, you can create your own extra-challenging jigsaws, with patterned images, maps, or even piles of Lego – have a look at these:

And of course, you can make jigsaws from whatever else catches your eye. I thought it’d be fun to make some jigsaws from some of the fantastic Axel Scheffler envelopes that I blogged about recently. Here’s an envelope that Axel sent to me last week:

And here’s a VERY quick look at the jigsaw:

The update will be available to download from Thursday, but if you’d like to take a look at it before everyone else, and use the new feature for free, send us an email!