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Small Blue Thing

Celebrating the end of exams with best friend Grace, 17 year-old Alex rescues a swan caught on a wire in the Thames mud and finds an extraordinary bracelet. Through its disturbing and compelling powers, she finds Callum, a soul locked in a half-life of sadness and mystery following a terrible accident, and his persuasive and sinister sister, Catherine. As Alex and Callum grow closer despite the enormous obstacles to their love, the dangers mount until Alex must risk everything to save Grace and Callum must risk everything to save Alex.

Small Blue Thing is a great new read for teenage lovers of super-natural romance. It’s the first in a planned trilogy and although the story rounds off nicely the reader is left with a chilling taster of what is to follow in book 2…

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A ghostly romance is the debut fiction title from Nosy Crow…

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The sequel to Small Blue Thing is Perfectly Reflected

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Product details

  • Publication: 13 Jan 2011
  • Price: £6.99
  • Format and size: Paperback 198mm x 130mm
  • Pages: 320pp
  • ISBN: 978-0-85763-000-1
  • Territory: World
  • Rights sold: German, Polish

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Kate says: “This book is tremendously important to me. Reading it, as a favour for someone who might have enabled me to get a job outside publishing, made me realise that I LOVED publishing, and didn’t want to leave. I was intrigued by the title, recognising a Suzanne Vega reference when I see one. Then was got by the throat as soon as I read the first few pages: I loved the drama of the swan and the discovery of the mysterious bracelet combined with the peer-pressure and silly shoes of teenage life.”

Sue Ransom says: “I wrote Small Blue Thing as a birthday present for my daughter. I wanted her to have a novel that reflected the world she and her friends know, and I found the time by writing on the train during my daily commute into London. I’ve only written computer manuals before, never a novel, so I was amazed when Kate said she wanted to publish it. It’s spurred me on to write the rest of the trilogy.”

Excerpt: “The stone was beautiful, a deep azure blue with flecks of gold and pinks and reds, all glinting in the sun. I rubbed at the band, shifting some of the ancient filth and a dull silver colour appeared. Even through the dirt I could see the craftsmanship. Why would someone tie something so stunning to a rock and throw it in the river?”



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  1. I absolutely loved the cover and the blurb but when I started reading it I was gripped from the first sentence, it weaved together natural emotions with the fictional elements. Within two days I had put together my pocket money savings and bought the second one, I am now anxiously waiting for Scattering Like Light. After reading this it has inspired me to write my own book, which I am in the process of doing! I hope S.C. RANSOM writes many more series to the outstanding quality of Small Blue Thing!

    JANA Wednesday June 29, 2011 #

  2. Amazing book. Nearly read all of it. Can not put it down. Really really good and exciting. Really recommend it!

    Frankie Morris Monday March 25, 2013 #

  • “This book is incredible! The way it is written keeps you glued to the story, you can’t put it down! The cover instantly drags you into the book and represents the story beautifully. Your heart will race while you are kept in constant suspense, right down to the last page.”

    A Day Dreamer's World

  • “this is a thrilling sequel…I sat down with the intention of leisurely reading this book over a few days but this did not happen. From the first paragraph I was completely hooked and I did not put the book down until I had finished the last page. …I would strongly recommend this book and its prequel. They are easy to read and fast paced with a really original idea.”

    MigMag, Perfectly Reflected

  • “The blurb was just informative enough, wetting the appetite for the delicious story within the pages of this book. The characters really came alive and there was just enough description for the written word to paint pictures in my mind. …this book blended the ordinary with the extraordinary, bringing the story alive from the very first page.”

    MigMag, Small Blue Thing

  • “There are a number of unexpected twists to the action that took the story to a completely unexpected direction, the threads of the plot coming together beautifully. The ending was simply that beautiful. The additional information regarding the history of the amulet in the prologue provided great insight and rounded of the end of the trilogy perfectly.”

    Book Angel Booktopia, Scattering Like Light

  • “A perfectly satisfying conclusion to what has been a hugely enjoyable trilogy … This is truly a great series”

    Library Mice, Scattering Like Light

  • “I thought this book was brilliant and… unlike anything else in the paranormal YA genre at the moment. I loved the combination of a fascinating mystery, ghostly going-ons, a generous helping of intrigue and a strong romantic thread running throughout. The ending was most definitely jaw-dropping and has left me in a state of high anticipation for what’s going to come next.”

    A Dream of Books

  • “If you liked Twilight you’ll love Small Blue Thing…”

    Almost True

  • “Bliss Magazine names Small Blue Thing its Book Report title for February.”

    Bliss Magazine

  • “There’s a new publisher in town and if its first book is anything to go by, we can expect some new authors to come to the fore.”

    Birmingham Post

  • “Small Blue Thing will appeal to supernatural romance fans yes, but I do hope it is not “shelved” as just that. With an unusual storyline, some great characters and enchanting, beautiful London at its core, it is simply a great story.”

    Library Mice

  • “If Small Blue Thing was a paranormal romance, Perfectly Reflected is a paranormal thriller … There’s always a worry that the second of a series may not live up to the expectations created by the first – happily this is not the case here and the twists and turns will keep you hooked to the last page.”

    NetworkedBlogs.com, Perfectly Reflected

  • “A very satisfying sequel … With good narrative, a pacy story, no explicit language or scenes, Perfectly Reflected is a safe and relevant read for lower secondary school readers who enjoy a great story, full of action, deception and romance.”

    Library Mice, Perfectly Reflected

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