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Cinderella App


You know the fairytale. Now experience the magic. Beautiful illustrations, exciting animation, and original music make this a picture book app at its best.

Read the story and get involved in the action!

★ Help Cinderella clean the kitchen.
★ Stack the King’s invitations to the ball.
★ Dress up the Stepsisters for the party.
★ Build the magical carriage with the Fairy Godmother.
★ Select music for the Prince and Cinderella and watch them hit the dance floor! Do you want a waltz, disco or Bollywood?
★ You can even choose Cinderella’s dress!

Special note:
The story is narrated by child actress Freya Wilson, seen recently in the movie The King’s Speech.

Target Audience

Created for children ages 3 and up, but adults will love it, too.

Key features

Especially for young readers:

✓ Choose a mode: Read to Me, Read by Myself or Read and Play.
✓ Help is embedded in the story – characters offer hints about what to do on each page so even very young readers can participate fully.
✓ Choose how long text stays on the screen so beginning readers have enough time to read by themselves.
✓ Select either American or British spelling styles.
✓ Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue.

Special technical features:

✓ Uses front-facing camera on iPad2 (and some iPhones and iPod touches) to capture the reader’s image and display it in the story.
✓ Readers can move the main characters around in each scene like dolls in a virtual dollhouse. Characters can jump, giggle and spin.
✓ Uses accelerometers to let readers tilt the scene and zoom in to explore details in the illustration beyond the edges of the page.
✓ Interactive musical score – each character has a unique sound identity which reinforces his or her personality.


★ Winner, Best Children’s App of the Year, UK FutureBook Digital Innovation Awards, 2011
★ Winner of iLounge.com’s Best Children’s App of the Year, 2011
★ Winner of Editor’s Choice Award 2011, Children’s Technology Review magazine
★ Winner, Children’s Book App or eBook, 2012 KAPi Awards
★ Winner, Juvenile App, Publishing Innovation Awards, 2012
★ Winner, Best Story App, Junior Design Awards, 2012

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Press Release

September 13: Nosy Crow Releases Cinderella Book App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Download the US Press Release as a PDF
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November 1: Cinderella Wins iLounge.com’s iPad Kids App of the Year Award.

Download the Press Release here.

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Media Mentions

  • “App developer Nosy Crow has made its mark in the iTunes store by creating magical fairy tale apps for kids. They are the Steven Spielberg of apps, because they have a gift for telling stories that make brilliant use of the iPad or iPhone … Don’t miss this magical and modern Cinderella.”

    USA Today

  • “Nosy Crow is a London-based independent that publishes some of the best-quality digital children’s books available. Take its retelling of Cinderella: the original illustrations and animation are first rate, and kids can read it or listen as it’s spoken by other children.”

    The Sunday Times

  • “This modern rendition of the classic fairytale demonstrates just how far children’s book apps have evolved. While this app can read the story out loud or kids can choose to read it themselves, it is the playfulness within the story that makes it delightful … Reading this fairytale is a charming experience filled with wonder.”


  • “Demonstrates the exciting potential of this format for young readers … with many delightful interactive features to draw the reader in on each page.”

    Books for Keeps

  • “Swing an ugly stepsister on the App Store and you’ll hit 17 Cinderella apps, but this is the best by far. Beautiful illustrations, voice narration from children, lots of interactivity and a dash of cheeky humour.”

    The Observer

  • “An enchanting and highly entertaining take on the classic fairy tale … There are simply too many delightful elements and surprises to enumerate, but suffice it to say that a touch-tilt treasure trove awaits curious and persistent little fingers … A magical masterpiece that hits the technological and artistic bull’s-eye.”

    Kirkus Reviews

  • “Gorgeous graphics and interactive elements give the familiar story a fresh new feel … looks spectacular, regardless of the device you use to view it.”


  • “Nosy Crow’s reinvention of Cinderella breaks free from Disney’s rigid appropriation of the fairy tale chargirl. This stellar app features colorful illustrations and clever activities on every page.”
    Ranked #1 iPad Book for Kids


  • “Quite simply, the most charming and entertaining interactive book currently available on the iPad … it offers a level of interactivity and depth unlike any other.”
    Tap! app of the week


  • “This modern rendition of the classic fairytale demonstrates just how far children’s book apps have evolved … Reading this fairytale is a charming experience filled with wonder.”

    USA Today

  • “Nosy Crow pulls off yet another excellent storybook with Cinderella. Great production values combined with funny writing and well-designed interactive elements make Cinderella another worthy addition to Nosy Crow’s storybook stable.”


  • “It’s interactive features and emphasis on the best parts of the story of Cinderella make this app a hit with us.”


  • “The FutureBook Innovation Award-winning Cinderella app is delightful. It’s a straight retelling, beautifully animated, with loads of hand-eye co-ordination enhancing interactivity (tidying up crockery, invitations and mice), plus added table tennis.”

    The Independent

  • “If you want to see the potential the iPad holds for beautiful, interactive storytelling, you need to meet Nosy Crow’s “Cinderella.”

    The Family Room - Tampa Bay Online

  • “A timeless rags-to-ballgown tale gets a delightful digital makeover”

    School Library Journal

  • “Never before have we seen such an enchanting and entertaining Cinderella story […] a beautifully illustrated picture-book app that is sure to enthrall your children.”

    Apps for iPads

  • “If you liked Nosy Crow’s iPad treatment of “The Three Little Pigs,” you’ll love their rendition of Cinderella. The interactive design is springy, responsive and multi-dimentional.” Recipient of our Editor’s Choice Award.

    Children's Technology Review

  • “Cinderella raises the bar in children’s ebooks with such touches as an orchestrated sound track and a magic mirror that puts your child’s face into the story”

    Gadgetwise, The New York Times

  • “Nosy Crow has totally reinvented the classic Cinderella story into an all new, engaging experience for your child, with its interactive storybook app, Cinderella. This is definitely a worthwhile app for the price.”

    Apps 4 Moms

  • “Our 3 and 5-year-olds, and me, have been mesmerized with this electronic book. We have been in fits of giggles and consistently surprised throughout this classic tale… this is sure the pinnacle of the mogul baby must haves, when considering the quality, value and instant accessibility to everyone. It is impossible to be disappointed with this masterpiece.”

    Mogul Baby

  • “What a great way to add more excitement to this classic story! Growing up, I had a book that was personalized with my name and loved it, but that’s nowhere near as cool as having your face included the story!”


  • “Nosy Crow’s imaginative retelling of the Cinderella… is a journey that lets your child become fully immersed in the adventure. Your young reader will want to come back to this story over and over.”


  • “This innovative app for young readers significantly freshens a familiar tale with captivating illustrations, plenty to see and do on each page, and varied read-aloud options.”

    USA TODAY "The 10 coolest book apps for fall"

  • “Nosy Crow’s rendition of Cinderella feels like a collection of playgrounds that let kids enjoy each of the story’s pivotal moments… The “wow” moment came when we discovered that mirrors in the rooms were leveraging FaceTime cameras to reflect our faces back at the screen, a great little trick that will draw kids into the story even further.” iLounge Rating: A


  • “With it’s whimsy illustrations, engaging animation, wonderful children narrators and original music, this picture book app is top notch.”

    Teachers with Apps

  • “This is exactly what a picture book app for children should be.”

    Scottish Book Trust

  • “The look of this app is quite beautiful, with the use of vivid, bright colors and fun, over-the-top, stylized stepmother and stepsisters wearing garish makeup and clothes, but I am happy that they are never referred to as “ugly,” which would place an undue focus on one’s looks, as the concept of “pretty is good, ugly is bad” can have unintended consequences later for girls as they grow up. It is also worth noting that this prince is thought of as being kind, a reason besides wealth that Cinderella would want to marry him, and I especially appreciate how Cinderella mutters to herself how the prince probably does not care about clothing as she dresses her demanding stepsisters.”

    Giggle Apps

  • “Cinderella is one of the best if not the best book app there is in the iTunes store at the moment.”

    iPad Apps 4 Kids

  • “Cinderella has it all: thoughtful interactivity, engaging characters, and witty text that remains decidedly upbeat.”


  • “it blends animation, interactivity and plenty of humour into something that’s genuinely beautiful … One of the most sophisticated book-apps yet for children – and a real sign of how picture books are evolving digitally.”

    BBC 6Music

  • “The music, the animation and visuals, the dialogue… Cinderella is a marvellous piece of work.”

    Apps Playground

  • “Cinderella is a top-notch production, with intricate but easy-to-interact-with animation, and funky, fun design.”


  • “an entertaining and visually lavish retelling of this classic fairy tale … quirky, contemporary and wonderfully detailed.”

    The Literary Platform

  • “Like their previous app, Nosy Crow has not forgotten a single detail in this delightful title … My child has been completely enthralled with this book from the moment I downloaded it.”

    Digital Storytime

  • “Beautiful animation, sound and interactivity make it a treat for kids”

    The Guardian

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Official App Trailer

Innovation in Storytelling: Deb Gaffin talks about Nosy Crow’s approach

Behind the scenes: Ed Bryan shows how Cinderella’s magical garden comes to life

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