Bizzy Bear on the Farm
Age 2-5

Bizzy Bear on the Farm

Meet Bizzy Bear, a very busy little bear. Based on Nosy Crow’s Bizzy Bear board book series, the Bizzy Bear on the Farm App features beautiful illustrations by Benji Davies, exciting animation and original music.

Read the story and explore everything on the farm!

  • Help Bizzy Bear collect apples and eggs.
  • Feed the pigs and chicks.
  • Take the horse for a ride and drive the tractor.
  • Children can play inside the scene, follow directions and help with farm chores.

Note: The story in the app is different from the story in the Bizzy Bear book.


Special features for toddlers:

  • Choose a mode: Read and Play or Read by Myself (no narration).
  • Characters offer helpful hints about what to do on each page.
  • Easy to use. All interactions designed with toddler’s fine motor skills in mind.
  • Choose how long text stays on screen to match the ability of the reader.
  • Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue.


Special technical features:

  • Make Bizzy and friends jump, spin and walk around each scene.
  • Listen to hundreds of musical sound effects and farmyard animal noises.

“This super cute app opens with the sweetest little voice and such a great theme song that I wonder if this could actually turn into a very successful television series … The illustration and sound design are great.”

– Kiwi Commons

“A fun and interactive book app from Nosy Crow … this cute and colorful app will keep kids entertained throughout Bizzy’s visit to the farm.”

– Parenting

This app goes beyond most interactive books by featuring content that is truly interactive … For children just learning to read and enjoy books, Bizzy helps in very special ways.”

– PadGadget

“A charming new universal interactive storybook by Nosy Crow … My son has really taken to this delightful story about Bizzy Bear”


“Bizzy Bear is charming and beautifully made, but most of all, it is a lot of fun.”

– Digital Storytime

“All the same care dedicated to the previous apps is present here: humor, great illustrations and the cutest kids voices with British accents.”

– Apps4Kids

“It’s gorgeous! The illustrations are utterly adorable, crafted by Benji Davies, and the the game play is very intuitive … It’s a certain winner”

– burp!

“Here’s another excellent Nosy Crow app … the narration by children is professionally done, and the activities work well to support the story.”

– Children’s Technology Review

“Looks like a storybook brought to life.”

– Apps4Moms

“The illustrations are brilliant, inviting and just really cute … a great app for little money. Worth it to keep the kids busy!”

– Mogul Baby

“Nosy Crow offers clever and innovative storybook apps which not only tell a story, but also engage children the entire way through. Their newest app, Bizzy Bear on the Farm, lets toddlers (aged 2 to 4) help Bizzy Bear with all his chores on the farm. It’s amazing how many clever things the kids can do — each page is filled with different activities.”

– Babyccino

“I love how Nosy Crow guides the story along with dialogue cues, blinking blue dots that tell the kids what to touch next, and plenty of fun interactivity along the way … It’s the perfect little escape for kids stuck inside for the winter…a board book on steroids!”

– Mom Colored Glasses

“The pictures are bright and colorful, the narration is done nicely done by a child and is enhanced by realistic sound effects and a lively musical background.”

– The iMum

“Full of clever talking animals and barnyard jobs that include gathering eggs, herding sheep and riding a horse. Every page has hidden surprises that support the story.”

– Gadgetwise, The New York Times

“There’s loads of easy and satisfying interactivity in telling the story of Bizzy Bear’s farm visit … Simple interactivity creates multiple permutations of text which encourages careful listening and makes repeating the familiar activities full of surprises.”

– The Guardian

“A really lovely story app with great interactive elements.”

– Booktrust

“The charming illustrations, engaging dialogue, cool sound effects, and fun activities on each page are just right for the 2-4 age group.”

– Nancy Barth Tutoring

“Nosy Crow’s third app is a departure from its first two, Three Little Pigs and Cinderella, but it is also unmistakeably Nosy Crow in design and quality … The app will further Nosy Crow’s reputation in this field, which can only bring relief to ‘bizzy’ parents looking for quality and safe content for their children. What’s most impressive (for parents) is how despite being based on illustrations from Benji Davies as opposed to Ed Bryan, it still feels very much part of the Nosy Crow family. The graphics are clearly rendered and colourful, and the animation slick.”

– Futurebook

“We hadn’t read any of the Bizzy Bear books before trying this app, but it’s actually made us want to. The characters and scenery look lovely, while the text feels pitched just right for children who are starting to read.”

– Apps Playground

“How to follow up the beautiful Cinderella book-app? Publisher Nosy Crow has chosen to use one of its existing print books as the basis for a playful iOS app, where toddlers get to help Bizzy Bear with his chores around a farm.”

– The Guardian

“The music and sound are very special. The ducks on the pond can be encouraged to sing in close harmony, using the quack of the mother duck as a beat box. A pair of crows can be tapped to create a crow’s chorus… Authentic sound effects, animal noises and farmyard noise complete the soundscape.”

– iPad App Reviews

“Young children will love this app. It’s bright, fun and engaging with plenty to keep little fingers occupied.”

– The Literary Platform

“…there’s plenty of fun for eager little fingertips… Plenty of solid visual and tactile stimulation for little would-be farmers.”

– Kirkus


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