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Goldilocks and Little Bear

Welcome to Goldilocks and Little Bear – whose story will you choose?

Explore both Goldilocks and Little Bear’s stories in this ground-breaking new story app: switch to either story at any time simply by rotating your device!

Goldilocks and Little Bear demonstrates a unique, interactive new form of story-telling – it’s an incredible, 21st-century reading experience.

It’s the classic story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears – as you’ve never seen it before. While Goldilocks is in the bears’ home, eating their porridge, sitting in their chairs, and sleeping in their beds, Little Bear is in Goldilocks’s family’s home – eating their pancakes, wearing their clothes, and reading their books!

Enjoy each stories in parallel, individually, or however you’d like – you can toggle between the two at any point.

With beautiful artwork, stunning animation, ingenious, playful forms of interactivity, original music, voice work and sound effects, and lots more!

  • Rotate your device to explore another story!
  • Play hide-and-seek with the bears
  • Collect berries in the forest with Goldilocks’s family
  • Help Little Bear try on Goldilocks’s clothes
  • Jump on the bears’ beds with Goldilocks
  • See yourself in the app using your device’s front-facing camera
  • Tilt your device to rock Goldilocks on Little Bear’s chair
  • Try each bowl of porridge and plate of pancakes
  • Tap, swipe, drag, and tilt to explore every scene!



“What’s really innovative about this app — compared both to previous apps in the series and to other children’s apps I’ve seen — is the way it relates the two interconnected stories in tandem. Hold the device one way for a scene in Goldilocks’s tale, then flip it upside down for a complementary scene in Little Bear’s. The stories converge when Goldilocks and Little Bear, fleeing one another’s parents, run smack into each other and strike up a friendship… Another winner.”

The Horn Book

“The Goldilocks and Little Bear app developed by Nosy Crow was the unanimous winner. Teachers commented on the innovative and engaging way in which this app extended a classic text.”

UKLA Digital Book Award Winner 2016

UK Literacy Association 

“Nosy Crow’s modern retelling of “Goldilocks” adds charm and remarkable depth to the classic tale…

The original music, composed by Steve Burke, is a delightful addition to the production. Vivid art, seamless animation, and a slight parallax effect that adds visual depth, are other standout elements. A story sure to be revisited time and again.”

School Library Journal 

“Another excellent fairytale by Nosy Crow!”

Madison Public Library 

“This is a rich early language/reading experience, combining good interactive design with first-rate illustrations and narration. It’s well worth the download.”

Editor’s Choice Award Winner

– Children’s Technology Review 

“Delivering two simultaneously-told stories in one app is an exciting concept, and this app delivers the switcheroo seamlessly. Each character’s story is one that kids will want to read over and over again. And it’s fascinating to flip the device and hear the same story told from a different perspective.

Both stories draw the readers in by having them control the dialogue. They choose to tap on a character to hear more.

Publisher Nosy Crow has made a name for itself in the fairytale apps market because they infuse humor and modern concepts into classic stories. This book app does the same. Little Bear’s comments as he snoops in Goldilocks’s house are hilarious. And when Goldilocks and Little Bear meet, their comments to each other will make the reader smile… All children will relish exploring Goldilocks and Little Bear.”


“…it’s really well done. It has all the elements that make Nosy Crow apps so beloved: gorgeous artwork, fun interactions, and an engaging narrative. Both Goldilocks’s and Little Bear’s stories are equally entertaining, and switching between the two is seamless… Engaging narration add a dash of charm to Nosy Crow’s sixth masterpiece of an app.”

Geeks With Juniors

“Nosy Crow makes beautiful apps of fairy tales. Great animation in this one comes with a twist”

The Guardian

“A wonderful story app”

The National Literacy Trust

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