Jack and the Beanstalk by Nosy Crow
Age 4-8

Jack and the Beanstalk

Unlock the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in this groundbreaking new fairytale app.

A completely new kind of reading experience for children, the app blurs the distinction between story and game more than ever before: Jack and the Beanstalk is where on-screen gaming and reading meet.

Conceived and created with reading for pleasure at its heart, Jack and the Beanstalk rewards success with more story, and encourages repeat play with endless variety. Play games in different rooms of the giant’s castle and collect keys to unlock more of the story. Your success – or failure – at collecting treasure determines the outcome of the whole story.

Jack and the Beanstalk features:

  • An exciting, open environment to explore: find the right key to open nine different doors in the giant’s castle, each with unique games and characters behind them.
  • Real consequence within the story: wake up the giant at different points in the narrative to create new endings. For the first time, we’ve built in a scoring mechanism: the end of the story reflects the reader’s success – or failure – to accomplish tasks
  • A totally non-linear narrative: work your way through the castle in a different order every time and experience different endings based on Jack’s progress through the castle
  • An emphasis on reading for pleasure that will be particularly good at encouraging reluctant boy readers who love on-screen gaming to participate in a reading experience
  • Innovative use of iOS device features: the app takes advantage of the fantastic potential of the front-facing camera, gyroscope, multi-touch screen, retina display and more
  • Rich and detailed artwork from the creator of Nosy Crow’s award-winning Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs apps
  • Fully animated: characters are constantly on the move
  • Hundreds of lines of dialogue for thirteen characters voiced by child actors
  • Hundreds of interactive touch-points
  • Original music by BAFTA award-winning composer, Robin Beanland
  • Text-highlighting to support emerging and early readers

“It’s no surprise that Nosy Crow apps make nearly everyone’s best lists […] the inimitable award-winning British publishing force has crafted an even more innovative approach to the traditional tale in its latest app, Jack and the Beanstalk.”

– School Library Journal

“Jack and the Beanstalk is the latest and most impressive in a series of digitized fairy tales from Nosy Crow. While all their digital books are charming and have learn-to-read features, what sets Jack and the Beanstalk apart is the way it incorporates a lot more than interactive touch points and animations. This version of Jack and his magic beans has gaming elements and a non-linear structure that makes it one of the most innovative storybooks we’ve see on iPad to date.”

 – AppsyMap

“The sky is the limit in this interactive fairy tale … Jack and the Beanstalk by Nosy Crow is an app that attempts to breathe new life into the classic fairy tale, blurring the line between interactive book and game. The presentation is top-notch, with beautifully drawn animated characters and excellent narration using children’s voices. It’s utterly charming and our young reader was soon captivated … Another polished Nosy Crow app that offers more involved gameplay than ever before.”

– Know Your Apps

“Nosy Crow’s design cleverly weaves games and adventure into this favorite folk tale […] The presentation features Nosy Crow’s trademark excellent narration by child actors, witty speech bubbles and terrific illustrations, but it doesn’t stop there. Right from the start, readers are asked to help Jack clean Daisy the cow and scale the heights of the beanstalk, tackling challenges in a game like mode […] Different endings emerge depending on the treasures Jack brings back—perhaps it’s just some bean soup, or maybe it’s a house overflowing with a bountiful feast. Readers will feel as clever and brave as Jack as they outwit and outrun the giant in this engaging, entertaining app.
Starred review

– Kirkus

“First rate illustration and child narration, and a full set of well designed activities. In short, download this app… you won’t be sorry … This is another excellent app from Nosy Crow with enough content to keep children coming back, time and time again.”
Editor’s Choice Award

– Children’s Technology Review

“An interactive adaptation of the classic tale with extra activities.”
Editor’s Choice

– Appy Smarts

“This beautiful interactive book app is revolutionary in the way it combines reading and gaming to attract hesitant readers — especially little boys. Use this book to hook your son on reading!”

– Tech with Kids

“Absolutely top notch five-star presentation, a brilliant branching approach to the story that’s a take on a classic, and a truly well balanced app exuding quality and immersion in the story from every pixel. For a hardened story-app naysayer, it’s not faint praise to describe this as the way we’d love to see all storytelling apps shaped in future.”

– Read It Daddy

“The latest in Nosy Crow’s fairy-tale app series, Jack and the Beanstalk (January 2013), features all of the developer’s thoughtful design hallmarks … but this is perhaps the most activity-driven and complex installment in the series … Both a story and a game, this app rewards the user’s curiosity and engagement.”

– The Horn Book

“Nosy Crow’s latest fairy-tale remake is a new high in the British publisher’s blending of storytelling and gameplay.”

– The Sunday Times

“Jack and the Beanstalk is more than just another new interactive storybook app from Nosy Crow. The developer has really upped the ante — a more cinematic presentation highlights the upgraded high-resolution graphics, and the camera work within the app is very well done.”

– iLounge

“The latest storybook app from children’s publisher Nosy Crow is its best yet: a wonderfully rich retelling of the famous fairytale, with nine mini-games but also a strong emphasis on narrative and reading. It’s a real showcase for the potential of children’s apps.”

– The Guardian

“What makes this version special – besides the lovely illustrations and lively animations – is the addition of game elements … The ending of the story, revealing how well-off Jack and his mother have become, is directly tied to how successful the reader was in the games. This is great motivation for reluctant readers to revisit the story so they can replay the games. Jack and the Beanstalk cleverly creates an intersection where gaming and reading meet.”

– USA Today

“It’s Nosy Crow’s best app yet … All in all, it’s marvellous.”

– Apps Playground

“Nosy Crow are great at developing interactive storybook apps for younger children. These apps allow children to be read to or read along themselves. Children can interact with the screen, which reacts according to the story i.e. cleaning the cow, feeding her hay etc. The story is wonderfully illustrated with narration from a child, which is a great touch. Words are highlighted as they are read, supporting word recognition for early readers. There is a very wide range of vocabulary used, which is great for helping children to learn new words. The functions of the tablet are well used, allowing children’s pictures to be input in to the story line i.e. the child’s face appears in the mirror, with an added bonus of creating a puzzle from your child’s face. Nosy Crow have a range of other stories available, following a similar format.”

– The National Literacy Trust

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