Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow
Age 4-8

Little Red Riding Hood

Our Little Red Riding Hood app is a completely new take on the classic fairytale: for the first time ever, users can create their own story by choosing from multiple paths along the way, resulting in a new, fully-animated adventure with different endings every time.

Built with an innovative, user-generated narrative structure that immerses a child in the story, Little Red Riding Hood re-invents interactive storytelling. Readers play games to help Little Red Riding Hood collect three different objects in the course of her journey through the woods, choosing what items to gather at forks in the path. These objects determine how Little Red Riding Hood defeats the Big Bad Wolf and saves Grandma.


Little Red Riding Hood features:

  • A revolutionary new form of non-linear narrative storytelling, with eight different routes through the tale – a sort of multimedia, animated 21st Century Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
  • Nine different games and activities embedded in the story
  • Innovative forms of interactivity: blow into the microphone to blow dandelions and a whistle; see yourself in a magical pool with the front-facing camera; tilt the screen to pour honey into a jar, and drag, swipe, tap and zoom to take part in the story and explore more of every scene
  • Rich and detailed artwork from the creator of Nosy Crow’s award-winning Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs apps
  • Fully animated: characters are constantly on the move
  • Hundreds of lines of dialogue for fifteen characters voiced by child actors
  • Hundreds of interactive touch-points
  • Original music by BAFTA award-winning composer, Robin Beanland
  • Text-highlighting to support emerging and early readers
  • Optimized for Retina Display and the iPhone 5.



  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award
  • Editor’s Choice Award – Children’s Technology Review
  • Kirkus-Starred Product

“Nosy Crow has once again transformed a beloved fairytale into an instantly classic iPad app.”

Parents’ Choice Gold Award winner

– Parents’ Choice

“The story is as old as time, but the app from Nosy Crow is brand new, and provides multiple interactive pathways for you and your kids to explore the Little Red Riding Hood narrative … both the characters and the different plot-lines are well thought out and developed.”

– MSN Tech

“For the first time, children can alter this classic fairytale by choosing different paths and creating their own story. A fully-animated adventure with plenty of possibilities for endings will keep kids out of your hair for hours at a time.”

– Redbook

“Great for kids…young and old. We have heard this story a million times, but this app has done a really good job at balancing the traditional story book illustrations with new fun interactivity and creativity.”

– Well Connected Mom

“Quite possibly the best children’s story app out there right now.”

– The Independent

“An exemplar educational book app in every possible way … add this must have to your classic collection.”

– Teachers With Apps

“Most kids have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but they’ve likely never seen it told like this before … great for young kids and early readers.”

– Appolicious

“A great way for children ages 3-8 to not only revisit this classic, but also have a hand in recreating the ending”

– Cool Mom Tech

“Nosy Crow’s newest app has the appearance of a graphic novel and offers a fresh new twist in the storyline … Interactions are smooth and infused with humor … Well-crafted and fun to read, this is an empowered “Red Riding Hood” not to miss.”

– Kirkus

“Gorgeous illustrations in vibrant hues, along with a zoom feature that allows readers to explore scenes in detail, add depth and quality. As with previous Nosy Crow productions, the winsome narration by British child actors is thoroughly enchanting … With broad appeal for a range of ages, this is a must-have production. If you don’t have app collection at your library, Little Red Riding Hood might be the motivation to start one.”

– School Library Journal

“It’s not hard to find children’s apps on the iPad. Finding innovative, creative children’s apps with educational value, on the other hand, is a different story. Enter Nosy Crow’s version of Little Red Riding Hood, a $4.99 interactive storybook that’s perfect entertainment. Youngster’s get to interact with the action on each page, watching and listening as each word is read. They’ll learn a thing or two as they navigate through Red’s story, performing simple tasks just to keep things interesting, and the cartoonish visual style holds their attention. Best of all, children will enjoy a measure of control; the story offers them several chances to choose a path and acquire items to fight the wolf for Red’s basket.”

– New York Daily News

“Loads of interactive elements keep this representation of the classic story fresh and engaging … This is a top notch app!”

– The iPhone Mom

“A captivating interactive storybook that continues to delight my four-year-old day after day”


“Nosy Crow has taken the classic fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood to a new level … I highly recommend this app as even I had a lot of fun playing around with the story and I am sure you and your children will too.”

– iGame Mom

“Nosy Crow has once again raised the bar for interactive folk tales, with this funny, easy to control interactive edition of Little Red Riding Hood that is full of surprises … All in all, this is an excellent addition to your child’s digital bookshelf; and one of the most notable accomplishments from British based Nosy Crow to date.”

– Children’s Technology Review

“Nosy Crow has not forgotten a single detail in this delightful title … Great sound effects, gorgeous background music and truly whimsical illustrations round out this title for something close to digital perfection.”


– Digital-Storytime

“A new app from the publisher Nosy Crow employs clever touches to make an interactive book that works just as well as a game as it does a story … The illustrations are delightful, and if you choose to have the printed text spoken out loud, you hear genuine British children doing the reading, avoiding the twin perils of having to listen to a plummy-voiced thesp or a grating American accent. Full of surprises, such as a pool that reflects your child’s face as captured by the front-facing video camera, this game/book hybrid will give a parent a night off from reading duties with a clear conscience.”

– The Sunday Times

“Another fairytale, this time bewitchingly retold through a mixture of animation, interactivity and toothy wolves in flat-caps. This beautifully-crafted adventure gets children to help Little Red Riding Hood take different routes through the forest, with the items she collects influencing how the story ends. Although here’s a spoiler: it never ends well for the wolf.”

– The Guardian

“This is a re-telling of the classic story with a few great twists along the way. A special app, Nosy Crow has added some wonderful new elements to a classic story”

– GiggleApps

“All signs point to happily-ever-after in this interactive picture book app of the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood … Vibrant, cheery colors set a lighthearted tone for wide-eyed and well-freckled Red’s familiar adventure through the woods to Grandma’s house.”

– The Horn Book

“A funny, easy-to-control app … full of surprises, including an ending you help create. It also treats a dark topic with a note of humor: the wolf locks Grandma in a closet instead of eating her, for example. You can take eight paths through the woods, where you collect various items you’ll need to trick the wolf and free Grandma from the closet.”

– The New York Times

“Perfectly brings a new, innovative way for kids to experience the classic fairy tale.”

– Real Kids Apps

“Nosy Crow has hit another home run with the release of Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow … This is certainly Nosy Crow’s best storybook yet, which says a lot given that it has previously released some of the very best iOS kids apps we’ve tested. Fans of the story should grab this one without thinking twice; it’s that impressive.”

– iLounge

“Whether the reader already knows the story, or is meeting Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf for the first time, she will love Nosy Crow’s clever, beautifully rendered take on Little Red’s story.”

– PadGadget

“This version of Little Red Riding Hood puts the reader in charge of choosing how the tale ends … In addition to this delightful choose-your-own-adventure aspect, the app also shines for its use of user-generated narrative … It’s refreshing to see Little Red Riding Hood depicted as a brave, quick-thinking and resourceful character who gets rid of the wolf herself and saves her grandma.”

– USA Today

“I love this book. My daughter loves this book. If you have kids, Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow is a keeper.”

– iMore

“Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow is one of the apps that shows why parents and teachers are excited about the potential of book-apps for kids. We think you (and your kids, obviously) will love it.”

– Apps Playground

“One of the best examples yet of how to do it right … with beautifully-crafted scenes and characters, and careful use of interactivity and even non-linear storytelling to encourage early reading skills … In short, Little Red Riding Hood is rather marvellous: a children’s book-app that impresses with its technical chops, but more importantly with its firm focus on storytelling and reading skills.”


– The Guardian

“A classic fairy tale receives an invigorating update in Nosy Crow’s splendid Little Red Riding Hood. Along with its playful nonlinear storytelling, a winsome narration, and vibrant artwork filled with humorous—and wacky—touches, this flawlessly interactive app includes games and activities that propel the story forward and send this big bad wolf on his way.”

– School Library Journal

“Another fairytale, beautifully realised by British publisher Nosy Crow, which has done similar tricks for Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs. The twist here is that children decide what items the heroine picks up en route to grandma’s to help her defeat the wolf.”

– The Observer

“A modern version of the classic fairy tale, this app is special because kids get to choose how it ends. When Little Red Riding Hood traipses through the woods on her way to visit her sick granny, she encounters forks in the road. The ending you experience is based on the path you choose. In each novel ending, Little Red outsmarts the devious wolf and rescues her dear old granny. This story is a hoot to read, and it offers extra silliness when kids touch the characters to hear them speak. Because it has so many different endings, it’s an app that kids will want to play over and over again.”

– USA Today

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