Nosy Crow Jigsaws

Nosy Crow Jigsaws

Incredibly intuitive and unbelievably easy to use, Nosy Crow Jigsaws boasts beautiful artwork, thoughtful design, innovative features and a wonderfully satisfying, absorbing jigsaw experience – fun for the whole family!

Fantastic features include:

  • FREE to download!
  • FIVE free jigsaws when you download the app!
  • MORE free jigsaws – automatically receive the jigsaws for any Nosy Crow app that you already own!
  • MAKE your own jigsaws – create new jigsaws from any photos saved onto your device!
  • OVER 300 jigsaws to choose from, with artwork from Nosy Crow’s award-winning illustrators, including Axel SchefflerPenny DaleJoe BergerSarah WarburtonBenji Davies, and Ed Bryan, illustrator for Nosy Crow’s fairytale apps
  • CHANGE the difficulty level for every jigsaw from 4 to 300 pieces with our easy-to-use slider – suitable for ALL ages!
  • INFO pages at the end of every jigsaw – learn more about our books and apps and explore more of the picture with “Can you see” questions for young children
  • ZOOM option – pinch and spread two fingers to zoom in and out as you work on your jigsaw
  • “PIECE rotation” toggle – start with jigsaw pieces randomly assorted or in the correct position
  • JIGSAW “tray” to search through pieces as you work on your jigsaw

“It’s a really good app: the artwork is full of character, and it’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into the interface… What’s riskier is that the app is freemium: free to download, and making its money from selling packs of puzzles via in-app purchase. But here too, it seems Nosy Crow has been treading very carefully… to prove that freemium apps can be responsible in this area.”

– The Guardian

“Nosy Crow, creator of beautiful app storybooks, has taken illustrations from them to make a collection of virtual jigsaw puzzles … Speedy puzzle solvers can time themselves, but the real reward is simply restoring the image to its whole self.”

– Washington Post

“As a jigsaw puzzle experience, this one is well designed, with good controls and the ability to toggle between difficulty levels”

– Children’s Technology Review

“This is a fantastic puzzle app for toddlers, preschoolers, young children, and even adults … I can’t recommend Nosy Crow Jigsaws enough. It is well designed, easy to use, and it will give you hours of enjoyment.”

– Kids App Central

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