Rounds: Franklin Frog
Age 4-8

Rounds: Franklin Frog

The first in an innovative new series of multimedia, interactive life-science/non-fiction apps based on circular characters whose real life stories start where they end. Rounds: Franklin Frog follows the life cycle of a frog through three generations.

• Hands-on opportunities to take part in the life of a frog: tap , swipe and guide frogs with your finger to make them jump, swim, catch flies, avoid predators, find a place to hibernate, croak to attract a mate, lay eggs, hatch, and transform from a tadpole into a frog.
• 100s of frog facts: did you know that frogs chew by pressing food against the back of their eyeballs with their tongues?
• High-quality child-narrated audio accompanied by text highlighting (but you can also turn the voice audio off so the child can read the text by themselves if you prefer)
• Original , high-quality illustration, made of circles and parts of circles to reflect the circle-of-life theme
• Original musical sound-track by an award-winning games composer


Special features for young readers:

  •  Choose a mode: Read and Play or Read by Myself (no narration).
  • Characters offer helpful hints about what to do on each page.
  • Easy to use. All interactions designed with toddler’s fine motor skills in mind.
  • Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue.
  • Text tracking lights up each word as it is read aloud


Special app features:

  • Learn about biology with dozens of fun facts about frogs
  • Join in with every stage of a frogs life – hopping, swimming, eating, hibernating, laying frogspawn, and growing from a tadpole



  •  Editor’s Choice, U.S. App Store (Education category)
  • Kirkus starred review
  • Winner, Editor’s Choice Award, Children’s Technology Review

“The app is a brave endeavor into a new territory — non-fiction stories for younger juniors — but I believe it’s a worthy journey. I wish more app developers and storybook authors would be brave enough to follow in the footsteps of Rounds: Franklin Frog.”

– Geeks with Juniors

“The simple storyline is accessible for young children, but it will spark plenty of questions from older kids too.”

– The Sunday Times

“The first in an innovative new non-fiction series from Nosy Crow, this fun and colourful app follows the life-cycle of friendly frog Franklin through three generations … Combining bold, bright, stylish graphics with hundreds of informative frog facts, and playful elements that children will love, this is a pleasing blend of story and factual content. Optional audio narration, plus original music from an award-winning composer help to make Franklin Frog an engaging, well-designed app that is ideal for pre-schoolers to explore.”

– Booktrust

“A very engaging interactive science app for toddlers. It explores the life cycle of a frog — including feeding, hibernation, mating, birth, growing from tadpoles, and maturation — in a way that the toddlers can understand and are intrigued to explore more. I love the way the little frog talks, in a child’s voice with adorable sense of humor.”

– iGame Mom

“The soothing background music and the crisply British narration/dramatization are nearly identical to the developer’s previous offerings, and sound effects are both plentiful and charming. In keeping with the clever concept of the series title, the simple illustrations are comprised completely of circles or portions of circles. A winner.”

Kirkus starred review

– Kirkus Reviews

“This innovative app stretches the definition of ebook, with a dash of Nosy Crow irreverence … The entire experience is high in child control, creating an excellent way to introduce children to the basic concepts of reproduction, without embarrassment … All in all, this is an excellent new addition to the ebook genre that is worth the $4.99.”

Editor’s Choice Award

– Children’s Technology Review

“This is the first in a series of apps letting little kids learn about life-cycles of animals, and it is fabulous. We can’t wait for the next one.”

– USA Today

“Once in a while you’ll find an app that totally takes its genre to a whole new level with some­thing new and inno­v­a­tive. Such an app is Rounds: Franklin Frog.”

– Top Kids Apps

“The technology is amazing and the story is beautiful with simple narration.”

– KinderTown

“A unique and engaging interactive app … The story of Franklin Frog is perfect for children grades second and up. This app is full of facts and details that would help any student learn about frogs; a wonderful teaching tool.

“Franklin Frog” is a great resource to bring into the classroom to show students that science is fun!”

– Super Readers

“A great interactive nonfiction app for one- to three-year-olds … Franklin Frog presents the life of a frog — including feeding, hibernation, mating, birth, metamorphosis, and maturation — in an accessible way that’s respectful of both its subject and its audience.”

– The Horn Book

“The beauty of this format of ‘rounds’; circular characters whose real life stories start where they end is that the app applies one of the most sound teaching methods used in the Science classroom … Teaching lifecycles to six-year olds has never been this easy.”

– An Alternative Education

“With its simple activities and circular format, this colorful app is bound to keep young children engaged through several frog generations … Franklin Frog strikes a delightful balance between educational and entertaining.”

– School Library Journal

“Rounds: Franklin Frog is a clever app that teaches kids about frogs in a fun, engaging way.”

– Common Sense Media

“Rounds: Franklin Frog is a perfect way to teach children about the biology of frogs using the metalanguage of science, at an appropriate level for children up to about age 10. It is interactive and fun for young learners, with enough science facts to promote deep knowledge and understanding … It is exactly the type of app that makes learning fun and motivating for young students.”

– iTeach: Apps for the Classroom

“Striking but simple pictures inform the young reader about the lifecycle of the frog and a chirpy child’s voice narrates a simple text … This app is a clever and fun way for this age group to begin to understand life cycles”

– Books for Keeps

“The graphic illustrative style is bold, unfussy and allows children to focus on what Franklin is up to and why. But the smartest aspect of this digital story, is how the idea of ‘life cycle’ is conveyed to children and when they grasp it … what an innovative way to learn the fundamental notion of life cycles – and one that is brilliantly achieved using digital book technology and a simple narrative.”

– The Literary Platform

“Although the concept is simple the app execution is perfect. The music is beautiful. The character voice is clear. The illustrations are magnificent. Overall the production value is extremely high.”

– Smart Kids’ Apps

“A great interactive nonfiction app for toddlers … The design of the app is excellent. All the narration is in children’s voice. It is cute yet very clear. The background music fits the theme very well. The pictures are bold and simple. The interaction is plenty but not over-whelming. The overall flow of the app is smooth and at the right pace for a pre-school child. Many times I found it hard to explain the science concepts to a young child. Rounds: Franklin Frog does a wonderful job in making the facts right yet understandable by a toddler or pre-schooler. The little ones will learn tons of facts about frogs, and have fun at the same time.”

– iGame Mom

“This app will help to sharpen kids’ skills and help to nurture an interest in science … If you would like to help your child gain an interest in animals and life science – this could be a great app for you.”

– The iPhone Mom

“I love how Rounds: Franklin Frog invites kids to partake in the story … Rounds: Franklin Frog transforms a study of biology, into an interactive and appropriate story for preschoolers, with charming and friendly characters that get your child into the story, and play a major role in helping frogs grow-up and adapt to their surroundings.”

– Apps 4 Moms

“I love the modern, clean illustration style … Beautifully folds science into a story.”

– Media Darlings

“A charming universal app bringing wonderful non-fiction content focused on teaching the life cycle of frogs in a way that will be especially appealing to children of all ages and their adults.”


“A fun way to capture your young kids’ interest in biology.”

– She Knows

“A lovely piece of work, and an app that never loses sight of the balance between education and entertainment.”

– Apps Playground

“Fun and engaging.”

– NY1

“A combination of polish and breezy confidence sets Rounds: Franklin Frog apart from so many of the iOS childrens’ books we’ve seen … Rounds: Franklin Frog is a beautifully assembled educational book. It’s entirely worth the asking price, and another welcome step beyond the prior fairy tale titles that helped Nosy Crow establish itself as a leading App Store developer for kids. We actively look forward to seeing what the company will do with future Rounds titles.”

– iLounge

“They have done such a brilliant job it reads more like a storybook than a nonfiction piece. It is beyond a doubt simply darling”

– Teachers With Apps

“The app’s tone strikes the perfect balance between accuracy and age-appropriate content … The story’s approach to life and death doesn’t shy away from biological truths, yet remains gentle in its approach … Rounds: Franklin Frog’s pacing is masterful. The story is neither too overstimulating for children, nor too subdued to capture their attention.”

– PadGadget

“A winner.”

– Kirkus

“This is a great non-fiction storytelling app for children”

– The National Literacy Trust


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