Rounds: Parker Penguin
Age 4-8

Rounds: Parker Penguin

Rounds: Parker Penguin is the second app in the innovative Rounds series about the life-cycles of animals.

Rounds: Parker Penguin combines narrative storytelling with lots of educational information and interactive fun, making it perfect for both the home and the classroom. The app takes the reader through the stages of a penguin’s life from birth to parenthood. The child can help Parker to grow up, move around the Antarctic environment on land and in the water, hunt, avoid predators, march to his breeding ground, meet a mate, protect an egg and hatch a chick before starting all over again with Parker’s son.

Rounds: Parker Penguin has:

• Well-researched and accurate educational content
• An age-appropriate story told in accessible and carefully-chosen language
• Stylish but child-friendly graphics – the circular story is told using art made of circles and parts of circles
• Hundreds of interactive elements triggered by tapping, swiping and tipping the screen (tipping the screen helps Parker slide around the Antarctic slopes on his belly and dive into the water, for example)
• Hundreds of lines of dialogue voiced by child actors
• Rich animation (you can watch the penguins do their mating dance, for example)
• Original music by BAFTA award-winning composer, Robin Beanland

“A beautiful non-fictional story about a family of penguins, their habitat and their life cycles. I learned a lot about penguins through this app and I believe that it provides a good medium for juniors to learn about the subject.”

– Geeks with Juniors

“This is a really fun and innovative way to get young children learning about the lifecycle of Penguins and has been a big hit in our house.”

– The iMums

“Like other Nosy Crow apps, the developer’s quirky style is really what makes Parker shine. Familiar Nosy Crow elements present here include British kids narrating both the main text and pop-up speech bubbles, a wide range of potential responses to taps, a dynamic score, straightforward navigation and prompts for interactive opportunities, and cheeky humor.”

– The Horn Book

“This innovative app stretches the definition of e-book, with a dash of Nosy Crow irreverence.”

– Mashable

“Presented with rich artwork full of round shapes and accompanied by music that varies when you touch the penguin, this is an intriguing way for kids to learn science.”

– USA Today

“The second ingenious installment in this series of non-fiction story apps is all about exploring the life cycle of a penguin … Make sure you get this app soon, Parker Penguin, the lastest addition to Nosy Crow’s new non-fiction series, is simple yet sensational!”

– Teachers With Apps

“The latest pre-school learning app from Nosy Crow, this adventure follows Parker Penguin as he slides across the snow, dives into the water, finds a mate, guards an egg and raises a chick. When you get to the end, the circle of life continues with Parker’s next of kin.”

– NBC News

“An exceptional learning experience for young children that is both engaging, enhanced in a developmentally-appropriate way and thoughtfully constructed to meet the learning needs of children … Overall this is simply a series I cannot recommend highly enough – I hope everyone will have a chance to see it for themselves!”

– Digital Storytime

“A very cute app teaching kids the life cycle of a penguin. The technology they used in the app compliments the learning experience very well, engaging the kids to help the penguin Parker slide on ice, swim in the water, catch the food, … With the help of simple art and kids’ voice narration, kids feel they are part of the growing process.”

– iGame Mom

“Rounds: Parker Penguin is just as delightful an app as its predecessor, even more so at times. It is an excellent followup to the successful app, and uses all the features of the iPad to really bring to life that of penguins. Who doesn’t love penguins! … Overall Rounds: Parker Penguin is a high-quality iPad app for kids. It allows them to learn about penguins and their lifecycle, and have lots of fun doing so.”

– The iPad Fan

“Kids as young as 3 will learn about the life cycle of a penguin. The app’s tone is pitch perfect throughout, particularly the dance segment, and is sure to have kids giggling and playing the story again and again.”

– PadGadget

“Packed with lightly interactive and charmingly animated storybook sequences, all of which can be enjoyed with or without included voice narration … Rounds is now a great series, and we’d highly recommend it to any interested parent.”

– iLounge

“Children with an interest in the world around them (and its wildlife) will love this delightful book-app from Nosy Crow. It follows a penguin called Parker through its life from birth to parenthood, with a mixture of storytelling and interactivity.”

– The Guardian

“The graphics are first rate and I defy anyone not to feel a warm, seasonal glow as the chick hatches and stumbles about in the snow. Sniff.”

– The Literary Platform

“…this app is definitely worth the price of admission.”

– Kirkus

“A great app to help children learn about the life of penguins through interactive story telling and games.”

– The National Literacy Trust

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