Snow White by Nosy Crow
Age 4-8

Snow White

Conceived and created with reading for pleasure at its heart, Snow White re-imagines the best-loved and most well-known fairytale of them all for a brand new audience.

Seamlessly blending all of the classic elements of the Snow White narrative with ingenious, story-friendly forms of interactivity, the app puts the reader at the centre of the story, re-defining this iconic fairytale for the 21st century.

Snow White features:

  • A beautiful fairytale environment: meet Snow White, the Wicked Queen, the Huntsman and the seven dwarfs as you’ve never seen them before.
  • Unique forms of interactivity: tilt your device to rock the baby Snow White to sleep, see yourself in the Magic Mirror, help Snow White clean the dwarfs’ house, mine for jewels, and lots more.
  • An emphasis on reading for pleasure – interactive elements that enhance, rather than detracting from, the story.
  • Innovative use of iOS device features: the app takes advantage of the fantastic potential of the front-facing camera, gyroscope, multi-touch screen, retina display and more
  • Rich and detailed artwork from the creator of Nosy Crow’s award-winning Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs apps
  • Fully animated: characters are constantly on the move
  • Hundreds of lines of dialogue for thirteen characters voiced by child actors
  • Hundreds of interactive touch-points
  • Original music
  • Text-highlighting to support emerging and early readers

“Snow White by Nosy Crow is an amazing re-telling of Snow White complete with beautiful artwork, ingenious and fun interactive activities on every page and an engaging story. Children of all ages are sure to enjoy this wonderful app.”

– The iPhone Mom

“This book app leads the pack, turning a classic tale into a vibrant, immersive experience where readers are actively involved in the narrative … This app is an excellent addition to your app library. It gives children a whole new reason to love and read a classic story.”

– Digital Storytime

“Snow White employs the same winning formula of the other series entries: cheerful illustrations and animation; witty humor; well-integrated interactivity; straightforward navigation; charming narration by an all-child cast; and pop-up dialogue balloons extending the text.”

– The Horn Book

“Nosy Crow adds another outstanding offering to its series of fairy tale adaptations with this cheerful telling of Snow White. Young readers will enjoy the delightful British English voice-overs supplied by children, gentle soundtrack, and charming illustrations … The app strikes an appealing balance between storytelling and interactivity.”

– School Library Journal

“The app is beautifully illustrated, animated and soundtracked … We think your children will want to read and re-read it many times over.”

– Apps Playground

“Nosy Crow is to fairy-tale apps as J. K. Rowling is to wizards’ tales — both are masterful. It’s no surprise then that Snow White, Nosy Crow’s newly released fifth app, is brilliant.”

– USA Today

“This fantastic rendition of the classic Snow White fairy tale is filled with zippy interactivity, exciting dialogue, and modernized to include a female dwarf! … Snow White by Nosy Crow ticks off all of the boxes on the checklist of what makes a great book app … Nosy Crow fairy tale apps are all special, and this one is no exception.”

– Tech With Kids

“It tells a familiar story in a beguiling new way that never prioritises digital gimmickry over reading and storytelling.”

– The Guardian

The masters of digital storytelling at Nosy Crow have cleverly ushered another classic fairy tale into the tablet age … Nobody can make a story flow like Nosy Crow, which qualifies this app as a top choice as an early language enrichment experience that is well worth the download.”

Editor’s Choice Award

– Children’s Technology Review

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