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Posted on August 16, 2016

10 Things I Have Learned Since I Began Writing at Home – a guest post by Pamela Butchart

Today’s blog post is by Pamela Butchart, award-winning author of the Baby Aliens series, the Wigglesbottom Primary series, the Pugly series, and Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon, on the things she’s learned since she began writing at home…

For three and a half years I was a full-time teacher who wrote books in the library on evenings and weekends. Since deciding to become a part-time teacher last year, I’ve been trying to write from home. Here is what I have learned about myself, others (and cats) in that time.

    1. Cereal is delicious at any time of day.
    2. The delivery man will become accustomed to your ‘Writing Clothes’.
    3. When a book isn’t going well suddenly EVERYTHING needs done around the house (when was the last time that plant we NEVER dust was dusted??). I think the worst example of this was when I found myself on my hands and knees unscrewing the shower drain.
    4. TV is not your friend. Google is not your friend. Twitter is not your friend.
    5. Part-time work colleagues (formally your full-time work colleagues) will consistently tell you how much they wish THEY worked part-time, too. And you will feel the need to remind them that, actually, you DON’T work part-time (and they will look at you like they don’t believe you).
    6. Friends and family think it’s funny to say, “So, what time did you get up today then?”
    7. You will feel judged by the window cleaner for wearing pug pyjamas and eating cereal at 3pm.
    8. You will gain a detailed, comprehensive knowledge of solar panelling and feel bad for not giving to every single charity in the world.
    9. Cats are jealous of laptops.
    10. It is totally possible to write the last 1,000 words of a book while a cat stands on your neck.


It might be time to get back to the library…

Thank you, Pamela! The latest book in the hilarious Pugly series, Pugly Solves a Crime, illustrated by Gemma Correll, is out this month – you can take a look inside the book below, or order it online here.

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