The Jamie Drake Equation is one of The Times’ best children’s books of the year!

The Jamie Drake Equation | Christopher Edge

The Times reviewed their favourite children’s books of the year to date, and the best Summer reading for children, over the weekend, and we were delighted to see some The Jamie Drake Equation, by Christopher Edge, included!

Alex O’Connell writes:

“If you like stories about space, aliens and having to share your parents with other people, this is for you. It is told with the intelligence and heart we can expect of Christopher Edge, nominated for the Carnegie Medal for The Many Worlds of Albie Bright. Jamie Drake’s father is an astronaut and national hero, but the boy feels his father’s constant absences; he must look after his mother and sister and he has no one to help him with his maths. Enter the enigmatic Professor Forster, who Jamie meets at the local observatory. She’s trying to hack the Hubble Space Telescope and Jamie’s phone handset goes Awol. How is an alien called Buzz able to communicate with him via a glowing app? Should he heed Buzz’s warnings of a storm that could endanger his father’s life? All this and a divorce subplot. A fun, intellectually challenging novel with an emotional centre.”

You can read read The Time’s full Summer children’s books round-up here – and here’s a look inside The Jamie Drake Equation:

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