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Posted by Tom, October 11, 2012

A best-of blog

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It’s (relatively) quiet in the office this week, with one contingent of crows in Frankfurt for the book fair and another taking well-earned rests after all the preparations leading up to it, which means, among other side-effects, that I find myself listening to more Radio 4, and that there’s less to talk about here on the blog. So, in the time-honoured fashion of the sitcom struggling for ideas one week, we thought we’d do a clip show post!

This is actually, if I may be a little more serious for a moment, a blog we have been meaning to post for some time, and now seemed like a good opportunity. Intrepid explorers of this website may have uncovered our blog archive, but for everyone else, this might be a good place to start for posts on certain subjects: a curated space with some useful, interesting (we hope!) writing, mostly from the last year.

Posts for writers
Advice on writing (and selling) rhyming picture book texts
Tips from many of us at Nosy Crow on writing all sorts of children’s books

Posts for illustrators
What does a book designer do? A post by our Head of Design, Stephanie Amster
Some of the stages involved in making an illustrated book

Posts for people interested in apps
This is actually quite an old post, but one I find myself referring to often – and nothing much in it has changed since. Some of our earliest thoughts about apps and publishing
Using apps in schools
How we make children’s apps
Building an audience for our apps – an experiment

Posts for people interested in children’s literacy
Thoughts on the debate between print versus on-screen reading
Should we pay children to read?
Books that beg to be read

Posts for people interested in children’s publishing in general
What is a publisher for?
Small publishers versus large – which is better?
How publishers pay their authors and illustrators
The importance of selling foreign rights

And finally, some posts recommending books for different groups
The best books for 10 year old girls
…And the best books for 10 year old boys
Books for 7 year old boys
And books we haven’t outgrown
Back to school reading…
Halloween reading…
The best fathers in literature…
And finally, some great Easter-themed books

Phew! Looking back on all this, it strikes me once again how fantastic a resource this blog has been for us: a great place to begin conversations with readers, parents, authors and illustrators, and all sorts of other interested parties. Thank you to everyone who’s joined in with the many discussions we’ve started here – we hope you stick around!

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