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Posted by Kate, February 25, 2013

A highly unscientific survey of our Twitter followers’ favourite Nosy Crow books and apps reveals…

Picture courtesy of @kylewestaway, who named Noodle as her favourite Nosy Crow book.

Friday was our birthday and we invited people to tell us what their favourite Nosy Crow apps and books were on Twitter.

It couldn’t be less scientific, we know, but we were interested to see what titles came up and thought we’d share them with our blog readers.

Favourite apps:

The Three Little Pigs was named by fiercegreymouse, mardixon and anne_jackson.

Cinderella was named by jodawson72.

Bizzy Bear (or, in the vernacular of her two year-old, Beeya Bear) apps, Bizzy Bear On the Farm and Bizzy Bear Builds a House were named by pixiecake.

Favourite picture and board books:

Bizzy Bear books were named by kirsikkamy

The Princess and the Peas was named by carmenhaselup, thebookculture, cjfreiss, damyantipatel, lisakflint, elephantthai and childledchaos (whose eldest daughter shares a birthday with Nosy Crow),

Guinea Pig Party was named by jillcalder.

Goldilocks and Just the One Bear was named by lucycoats and elephanttai.

The Pip and Posy series was named by lucypeatfield and mentioned by cjfreiss and WELbooks too.

Dinosaur Dig! named by afloatingmarket.

The Noodle books were named by afloatingmarket and kylewestaway

Books Always Everywhere (out next month) was named by librarymice.

Open Very Carefully was named by elephanttai and suzimoore1

The Baby That Roared was named by elephantthai

Favourite fiction:

The Grunts in Trouble was named by lindsaylit and by the author of the book (cheating, but impressive on the self-publicity front), philpardagh.

Twelve Minutes to Midnight named by tittamarim and alibrarylady

Our very first book, Small Blue Thing, was named by (13 year-old (I know: I met her at a conference on Saturday) daydreamsworld.

Dear Scarlett was named by voundjian.

Mega Mash-ups and Magical Mix-ups were named by damyantipatel

The Secret Hen House Theatre was named by pollylwh, elephanttai, childrensbkshop and WELbooks.

The Rescue Princesses series was named by jodawson72

We were impressed that, though many of our followers struggled to make a selection between a number of titles, they were able to come up with a favourite title (well,there were those who couldn’t decide, and had to list a top handful of titles). We can’t begin to choose. We love ‘em all – all the ones that our Twitter followers happened to mention, and all the others that weren’t mentioned by followers today. All 9 apps and 69 books published so far.

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