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Posted by Nosy Crow, April 8, 2013

A love letter to Lyn Gardner’s Olivia series

One of the great joys of 21st century publishing is that readers, even young readers, can make connections with publishers and with authors so easily.

We received a fantastically enthusiastic piece of fanmail for Lyn Gardner about her Olivia series from Omala (pictured here with her collection of Olivia books) and we asked her to do a blog post for us. This is what she wrote:

“I really enjoyed the Olivia series because they were so exciting, gripping and interesting. My favourite character in the series is Eel because she is so bubbly, happy and full of life. She is also very cute and funny! Eel reminds me of my little sister called Ela! They are so alike! My current favourite book in the series (it always changes!) is Olivia’s Enchanted Summer because it is very different from the others as it is not set at the Swan Academy, it is set in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival which is a lovely change. I found out about the first Olivia book, Olivia’s First Term, one day last May (almost a year after it had been published!). I was browsing in Waterstones on Hampstead High Street when I came across a book my friend Issy had read and really enjoyed. I bought the book and as soon as I got home I began reading it in my room. I could not put it down! I was totally mesmerised! I loved it! It was fantastic! I think my parents got tired of me begging because the very next day they bought Olivia Flies High for me. I think the Olivia series are good for girls who have big dreams and love performing! They are so addictive and inspiring! Lyn Gardner is a wonderful author! She uses superb descriptive words! I would recommend the Olivia series to girls aged around 10-12. I’m sure that every girl in my class who has read them has decided they want to become an actress or a daring circus artist! I’ve even started a circus skills course because I was so inspired by the books. You would not know how much I love the books! I have read and re-read the series loads and loads of times! I cannot go on holiday without knowing that they are in my bag! They’re my favourite books!”

Thank you for your kind words, Omala! The final book in the Olivia series, Olivia’s Curtain Call, will be out in July – and if you haven’t discovered the series yet, you can read it from the start with chapter one of Olivia’s First Term, below:

Order Olivia’s First Term online.

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