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Posted by Tom, February 19, 2013

A new format for Magical Mix-Ups

In April we’re publishing the third book in the brilliant Magical Mix-Ups series by Marnie Edwards and Leigh Hodgkinson – fantastic combinations of fiction and doodle books, with real stories, great characters, and lots of drawing involved.

And this volume (Magical Mix-Ups: Pets and Parties) is publishing in an extra-large volume! You can see the increased dimensions of the new book compared to the first two in the picture above. Now Magical Mix-Ups are EVEN better for doodling – with more space for all of your contributions.

It’s Sapphire’s birthday and she longs for a pet of her own. Emerald’s present is the next best thing – tickets for an amazing animal magic show! But the star – a performing cat! – has mysteriously disappeared. What a mix-up! Can the girls find her one their own? No, they can’t! They need you to finish the illustrations and make sure Sapphire’s birthday is perfect…

You can pre-order the book online here or take a look inside below.

And if you’d like to take a look at the INCREDIBLE results from one aspiring young artist’s completed Magical Mix-Ups book (in this case, the first book in the series, Birthdays and Bridesmaids), there’s a lovely post on Leigh’s blog about one seven-year-old’s finished efforts here.

Have fun doodling!

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