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Posted by Nosy Crow, March 19, 2013

A Rescue Princesses party – a guest post by Sally Poyton

A guest post by Sally Poyton, blogger and children’s author.

The Rescue Princesses series are my daughter’s favourite books. They are perfect for her as she’s a ‘thrilly tom boy’ – you know the type of girl who loves climbing trees, riding her bike down steep slopes at top speed, and getting covered in mud – as long as she can do it dressed in pink. So when I asked her how she wanted to celebrate for her 9th Birthday she replied with, ‘A Rescue Princesses Party!’

The party (I was told) had to include all essential Rescue Princesses elements: pretty dresses, sparkly things, and a feast – all easy enough, but then… adventure!

So after thinking long and hard this is what I came up with for an adventure: Foiling the Poachers. When the children arrive they will see a herd of deer that will disappear, and in their place they will find ‘The Evil Poacher’s Plans.’ This will include a map of our village, and clues to all the other animals the poachers are planning on stealing whilst they escape with the deer. The animals are images and carvings that I found on house/pub signs and monuments around the village. Then the Rescue Princesses will chase down the poachers and rescue all the animals.

The day came and we woke up to a BLIZZARD! Fortunately all children arrived togged up so in true Rescue Princesses style when the deers went missing all the girls braved the snow. With great resolve the six (eight & nine year old) girls plotted a route around the village, solved the riddles, found all the animals, and then tackled the poacher (tickling seemed to be the mode of attack) and saved all the deers!

After warming up with hot chocolate, the girls all slipped into their frocks, transforming themselves into princesses, and set about personalising their crowns. Then all the girls did a Rescue Princesses quiz, answering questions to find out which rescue princess they were most like. We had one Lulu, two Jamintas, one Emily and two Clarabels. They then made bracelets based on that character’s favourite gem stone.

By this time all the princesses’ were very hungry and ready for the feast. At the table they each found a small heart shaped coloured ring (from a pack of 20 from the local 99p shop), which they spoke to each other with for the rest of the party.

There was lots of squealing when the cake came out. The cake was a Rescue Princesses cake, I scanned in the front covers from the books, cropped and merged the images of the princesses and got a rice-paper cake topper printed.

The party concluded with a dance, and then all the little princesses wrapped up warm and headed back out in the cold, gripping their Rescue Princesses party bags, with a copy of latest book, The Magic Rings, inside of course!

Rescue Princesses go!

Thank you, Sally, for sharing this fantastic party with The Rescue Princesses!

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