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Posted by Kate, March 1, 2010

A view from the bridge

This is how London looks today. It was taken from Lambeth Bridge looking east by Kate (who makes no claims to being a photographer!) on her way to work this morning – her first glove-free bike ride of the year. It really feels as if spring is about to spring in London. It also felt to Kate like the most enormous privilege to be able to cycle to our own company in our own time.

Late on Friday afternoon last week, we had a great creative meeting with an author/illustrator team about a series of books (plus a website) that we think will particularly appeal to boys. Together, we came up with some terrific ideas to take the series beyond the first excellent book they were working on, but it started us wondering what boys aged between 6 and 9 would say they REALLY liked if we asked them. So we are asking you. If you know a boy aged between 6 and 9, do take our survey with them and return the results by 6.00pm (UK time) on Monday 8 March. We’ll post the results on the website next week.

Here’s the link to the survey (which is, incidentally, anonymous):

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