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Posted by Tom, November 7, 2012

An early look at our next app

We’re well into development of our next app – Rounds: Parker Penguin, the follow-up to our critically acclaimed Rounds: Franklin Frog app – so we thought we’d give you a little look to see how things are coming along.

Parker Penguin follows the same format as Franklin Frog – telling the life story of a single species with a looping, circular narrative, a bold graphic style of illustration, and a simple story that’s perfect for young readers and great for inspiring an enthusiasm for science. Here’s Parker saying hello:

And here he is ready to embark on a quite daring slide:

Just like in Franklin Frog, the app will be filled with things to do – you can help Parker waddle, slide, swim, hunt, march, meet a female penguin, protect their egg… and then start all over again with their chick! We’ve also included lots of facts about penguins, the antarctic, and some of the other animals that live there too – an ideal introduction to the topic for children aged 3+.

Parker Penguin will be out next month – and if you’d like to try Franklin Frog first, you can find it on the app store here for $4.99 (£2.99).

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