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Posted by Kirsty, January 13, 2012

Another nail-biting Danny Danger adventure!

Yesterday was the publication day of Danny Danger and the Space Twister by Adam Frost, the second in the nail-bitingly hilarious adventures of Danny, a boy who can control time thanks to his amazing Cosmic Remote. But the tremendously evil Space Twister (think David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust) is after the Remote and the story follows his fabulously inventive attempts to get it. But Danny has a new gadget – the Time Tablet – and this gives him the power to delete his arch enemy for ever. But will he do such a dastardly thing?

The photo above is of one engrossed young reader, and here’s his enthusiastic review:

“Danny Danger and the Space Twister is the best book ever! The best character is probably Eric because he says funny things like ‘Flippin’ heck!’ and ‘Dammit!’ (makes me laugh) and I think the Space Twister is quite cool. I think the second book is even better than the first book. So just remember: Danny Danger is brill!”

Congratulations, Adam, on writing a book with all the thrills and spills an eight-year-old boy could wish for!

And go Danny!

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