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We had a big apps meeting yesterday and began to make plans for next year and beyond, and there were several questions to which we returned when we considered our programme for 2013. What should our apps be? What should they do? Where, fundamentally, does the future of the story lie?

The ideas that we talked about weren’t, actually, radically different from the things our apps currently ‘are’: very interactive, filled with animation, original music and voicework, and with a strong narrative at their centre. These things are the basic building blocks of our apps – the challenge is re-arranging them into new and interesting combinations, and finding original ways of telling a story.

What’s the most important thing about a story app for you? Is interactivity more important than art? Is story more important than animation? What do you think the app of the future will look like? If you have a really brilliant idea for a new app, we’d love to hear from you (you can read our submission guidelines here) – and if you have any answers to these questions, please – leave your comments below!


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  • I think one of the most important characteristics of an app should be its main character. Kids have to fall in love with the character in order to STAY with the length of the application, whether it’s a story or educational “game.”

    I have read your submission guidelines regarding books and apps. Do you take queries for app ideas as well?


  • The next step for interactive stories is consequences. Kids love a story to make them feel powerful, like Roald Dahls books make ordinary children into heros and heroines who succeed against wicked adults. With an interactive story you have the ability to give kids some choices. Even better the story can then unfold in a different way so the children can see what effect their choices have.
    My children would then run through the book as many times as they need, to see the consequences of each choice that they made. They will eventually choose the story that they like most and will love to show their parents and siblings the story that they have chosen.
    I understand this is a lot more work to create but it gives the reader so much power and allows them to invest more in the books/apps they play and read with.

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