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Posted by Tom, November 24, 2014

Be the first to try a brand new feature in the Nosy Crow Jigsaws app!

This Thursday we’re launching an update for the Nosy Crow Jigsaws app, which will include a very exciting new feature: you’ll be able to make jigsaws from ANY of your own photos!

Any images saved in the Camera Roll of your iPad or iPhone can be turned into jigsaws and used like any of the existing artwork in the app – you can turn your pictures into puzzles from 4 to 300 pieces.

The new feature will be available as an in-app purchase for $4.99/ £2.99 – and once you’ve unlocked it, you can make unlimited jigsaws from your photos.

And this week, we’re giving subscribers to our apps mailing list early access to the feature – and giving it away to for free!

If you’d like an exclusive early look at the app update, email apps at nosycrow dot com with Jigsaw Update in the subject heading to subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll send you a promo code to download the Nosy Crow Jigsaws update and get the new feature for free, before it’s available on the App Store!

This new feature really unlocks the full potential of our jigsaw app – the possibilities are VERY exciting. You can make jigsaws of your children’s artwork, like Ed has done in this video:

OR, you can create your own extra-challenging jigsaws, with patterned images, maps, or even piles of Lego – have a look at these:

And of course, you can make jigsaws from whatever else catches your eye. I thought it’d be fun to make some jigsaws from some of the fantastic Axel Scheffler envelopes that I blogged about recently. Here’s an envelope that Axel sent to me last week:

And here’s a VERY quick look at the jigsaw:

The update will be available to download from Thursday, but if you’d like to take a look at it before everyone else, and use the new feature for free, send us an email!

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