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Posted by Tom, May 24, 2013

Friendship and free stuff: would you like to become a member of The Nosy Crow Crew?

Hot on the heels of our Reading Group (more really exciting news about this follows), we’ve had another thought.

The new idea is the formation of The Nosy Crow Crew, and we suppose it’s sort of like an ambassador programme: we’d love to have a closer relationship with some parents, teachers, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, and anyone who’s enthusiastic about children’s books and/or apps, and children’s reading in any medium… and who really likes what we do (books and/or apps).

In fact, part of the thinking behind this new idea came out of our decision to host a monthly book club – we received an overwhelming amount of interest from people who wanted to come (to the point that we sadly couldn’t include everyone), but we also heard from a number of people who couldn’t make it, usually because they didn’t live close enough.

We know that The Nosy Crow Crew idea isn’t the same as a reading group (though we do have A Soon-To-Be-Revealed-Plan for participating in the reading group at a distance, and we really hope that some of you might be inspired to set up your own children’s book reading group that might shadow our choices, or make your own), but the response to the reading group idea reminded us of how many people from all over the UK are interested in the same kind of things that we are, and this is just a way of getting a little closer to some of them.

And we are, honestly, both delighted and humbled every time someone on Twitter or elsewhere online says how much they love Nosy Crow, or a particular Nosy Crow book or app.

Although we’d have to limit membership of The Nosy Crow Crew to the UK and Ireland (at least for now – it’s all about the costs of postage and packing, honestly), you can be based anywhere in the UK and Ireland and still take part.

If you become a member of The Nosy Crow Crew, we’ll send you some Nosy Crow stuff right away – a Nosy Crow mug, badges, bookmarks, twitter ribbons, icons for your blog, and more. We’ll include you in our monthly books newsletter, and every three months we’ll write to you with some special insights and extra information and news, and send you one utterly and entirely free Nosy Crow book or app of your choice (up to the value of £10.99). There’ll be other exclusive offers as we develop the idea and as we think them up.

And what would we like from you? Well, we’d love to hear your views about what we do and about our books. And we’d very much like you to help spread the word about Nosy Crow online and in person… which is why you really need to like what we do.

You don’t need to have any particular background, although to avoid any conflict of interest, I’m afraid we’ve decided that you really can’t work for another publisher. Having a relevant (children’s book-y, children’s app-y or parenting) blog, a lively Twitter feed, or any other means of reaching an audience would be a benefit, but it’s not absolutely essential.

If you’re interested in becoming one of the first members of The Nosy Crow Crew, write us an email ([email protected]) telling us why you’d be right for us. There are a limited number of places available to begin with – we want to do it well, and make real connections with people, so it seems to us best to start small – but we may feel able to open Crew membership up to a wider audience later on in the year.

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