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Posted by Tom, December 16, 2015

Behind the scenes with Goldilocks and Little Bear

It’s just under a month since the launch of Goldilocks and Little Bear, our sixth phenomenal fairytale app, and today we’ve got something great to share: a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the incredible music for the app.

The original score for Goldilocks and Little Bear was composed and produced by the amazing Steve Burke, and Steve has made a fascinating video showing how he made the wonderful music for the app – you can watch it at the top of this post.

Creating music for our apps requires a very particular set of skills. Each piece of music loops, for instance, because we can’t control how long a reader might spend in each scene. There are musical cues and responses that are triggered by particular bits of interactivity within the app, which have to be incorporated into the overall theme. There’s different instrumentation for each character, to create the right tone and atmosphere for the two parallel stories of Goldilocks and Little Bear. And above all, the music has to feel right for the story, needs to be child-friendly, and needs to sound wonderful.

Creating the music is one of the most complicated parts of producing the app, and Steve has done a FANTASTIC job – I think the music in Goldilocks and Little Bear is absolutely incredible.

If you’ve not come across the app yet, you can watch our beautiful stop-motion trailer for Goldilocks and Little Bear below:




You can download Goldilocks and Little Bear on the App Store here – and if you enjoy the app, we’d be incredibly grateful if you’d consider leaving a review!

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