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Posted on February 29, 2024

Blossom Origami- The history of origami and how you can become a pro!

What is origami? Where did it come from? What supplies do you need? All these answers and more can be found in this article and the new book in partnership with the National Trust, Blossom Origami!


Origins of Origami

Though it’s not set in stone, people generally agree that paper was first invented around 105 A.D in China. The Japanese acquired it in the 6th century and realized it was a game-changer for creating amazing and intricate crafts .

Origami is defined as a bunch of symbols that show off the skill of folding paper. The word comes from Japanese – ‘oru’ means to fold, and ‘kami’ means paper. When origami took off in Japan, it was quite fancy and was only done by the upper class and religious groups. Why? Mostly because paper was pricey back then. But as paper became more affordable, the common people started getting into origami, using it as gifts or for teaching due to the relevant connections to the study of mathematics.

The ‘Master’ of Origami

Now, the big name in origami is Akira Yoshizawa. Born in 1911 in Japan, he is well-known as the origami grandmaster. He learned the art of origami as a kid and started spreading his teachings, all while working at a factory. In 1954, he created “Atarashi Origami Geijutsu” (New Origami Art), which basically laid the groundwork for what we know about origami today.


Blossom Origami

This new book in partnership with the National Trust features clear step-by-step instructions to create plants and flowers all from beautifully patterned origami paper, found inside! There are three different difficulty levels to suit both beginners and experts, with a handy scannable QR code to be able to go back and review how-to videos. 

View our other book, also in partnership with the National Trust, Nature Origami, where each page features step-by-step instructions to create beautiful origami of snails, foxes, flowers and other figures all inspired by nature!

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Discover activity sheets, pull-out paper and details of how to create intricate and unique pieces of origami to give as gifts to friends and family or just to keep for yourself!

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