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Posted by Lynsey, October 7, 2016

Books are My Bag is back!

Today marks the launch of the marvellous Books Are My Bag 2016 campaign!

Books Are My Bag is a nationwide campaign that celebrates books and bookshops and the simple truth that bookshops do more physically to let people enjoy their passion for books.

There’s growing confidence that small independent bookshops could be making a return to high streets after years of pressure from online sites that saw many close. There’s three days of festivities to encourage people to read more, culminating in parties in bookshops across the UK on Saturday – the newly christened #bookshopday!

This collaboration between publishers, bookshops and authors is the biggest ever promotion of bookshops. For many people bookshops conjure fond images of book readings, in-store cafes and delight at the discovery of a new author.  And in fact, 56% of all book buying decisions are made by consumers in a bookshop – but we must continue to celebrate – and shop in! – our fabulous high street bookshops.

Why Buy Books in Your Local Bookshop?

  • You love books
  • You may be about to make a purchase you’ll value for the rest of your life
  • You’ll be shopping on your local high street
  • You’ll be helping create local jobs
  • You might just find a book you never knew existed
  • You’ll find great gifts for friends and family
  • You can talk to real people about books they know and love
  • You’ll be part of your local book-loving community


As if you needed any more excuse to visit your local bookshop!

Follow #BAMB on Twitter and visit your local bookshop this weekend to celebrate bookshops, booksellers and the great work that they do. You never know, you might find your new favourite read!

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