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Posted by Tom, February 11, 2013

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Cinderella app

As if anyone needs reminding, Valentine’s Day is this week… and what better way to celebrate than with our Cinderella app? We’re dropping the price of our innovative version of the classic fairytale to just 99c/ 69p for just one day – Thursday, February 14, of course.

Our app may deviate from some versions of the story in a few ways – this Prince likes Cinderella because she’s kind and friendly, rather than just beautiful, and these stepsisters are “mean” rather than “ugly” – but it’s still a very traditional telling of the tale. In fact, this is something Kate wrote about last Valentine’s Day on our blog. We’re very proud to have made a sort of Cinderella story that appeals to both boys and girls – and which has won armfuls of awards for doing so.

If you’re new to the app, you’ll find some fantastic features inside. You can help Cinderella clean the kitchen, find the items you’ll need to build a magical carriage, choose a dress, and more. You can choose the music at the Prince’s ball. And if you an iPad 2 or later, you can even see your face inside the story using the device’s front-facing camera!

You can find Cinderella on the App Store here, and the price drop will last for 24 hours – have fun with the app!

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