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Posted by Sam, May 11, 2020

So you think you know Ancient Egypt? Take the quiz with author Chae Strathie!

Do you know what the Egyptians used to catch criminals? What did Egyptian mothers eat to try to cure their sick children? And what did they eat for breakfast? Find out the answers to all these questions and many more in our fun, interactive video quiz with the award-winning author of So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? series, Chae Strathie!

All you need for the quiz is a pen, paper, and the video below… Are you ready?

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How did you do? If you enjoyed the quiz, you can learn more about Ancient Egypt in So You Think You’ve Got It Bad? A Kid’s Life in Ancient Egypt, written by Chae Strathie, illustrated by Marisa Morea, and published with The British Museum.

A kid’s life in ancient Egypt might sound like fun with all the cool pyramids and glorious sunny weather, but actually it was rather tough! In this hilarious book, written by award-winning author Chae Strathie, children will learn exactly how difficult life really was, from dodging Deathstalker scorpions and cleaning up cow dung, to fetching water from the well and being slammed in the stocks for being naughty at school! Probably the first book about ancient Egypt that involves bubble wrap and skateboards!

Take a look inside the book:

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Questions and answers:

1. In Ancient Egypt, the pillows on their beds were made of: (a) wood, (b) straw, (c) sausages.

2. Classes in school were often held: (a) inside pyramids, (b) outside, (c), in a paddling pool.

3. One of the most common forms of transport was: (a) boat, (b) bus, (c) skateboard.

4. As punishment schoolchildren were made to: (a) write lines, (b) sit on the naughty step of a pyramid, (c) kiss a crocodile.

5. Police in Ancient Egypt used what to catch criminals? (a) Camels, (b) monkeys, (c) hamsters.

6. A popular drink for children was: (a) beer, (b) fresh orange juice, (c) hippo bogies.

7. Ancient Egyptians often ate what for breakfast? (a) Pigeons, (b) onions, (c) Rice Crispies.

8. Before a mummy was wrapped in bandages it was filled with: (a) salt, (b) pepper, (c) Jelly Babies.

9. To try to cure sick children, mothers would sometimes eat: (a) cheese and onion crisps, (b) a mouse, (c) a kebab.

10. The Egyptian god of the sky, Horus, had the body of a man and the head of a: (a) falcon, (b) llama, (c) bumblebee.

If you’re looking for more free resources inspired by the So You Think You’ve Got It Bad series, you can find them here. We hope you enjoy the quiz!

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