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Posted by Tom, December 15, 2014

Christmas fun with Nosy Crow Jigsaws

We’ve just released a Christmas update for our free Nosy Crow Jigsaws app – you can now make jigsaws from some of your favourite Christmassy Nosy Crow books!

The new update features artwork from Just Right for Christmas, by Rosalind Beardshaw and Birdie Black, Pip and Posy: The Snowy Day, by Axel Scheffler, and Snow Bunny’s Christmas Wish and Snow Bunny’s Christmas Gift, by Rebecca Harry.

Will has made a very quick Vine showing just SOME of the lovely new artwork featured in the app:

You can find more in the app itself, which you can download from the App Store for free here.

And of course, as well as all of this fantastic Christmas artwork, you can also make your OWN jigsaws with the app’s photo feature – turn any of the pictures on the Camera Roll of your device into a jigsaw! This is GREAT family fun for the Christmas holidays – it’s perfect for keeping everyone occupied, and you can turn all of your holiday photos into great puzzles to share. Here’s a look at this great feature:

Nosy Crow Jigsaws is a free-to-download jigsaw puzzle app, featuring over 250 jigsaws based on artwork from our award-winning apps and print picture books. It’s packed full of great features, which make it incredibly intuitive and unbelievably easy to use, and also a wonderfully satisfying, absorbing jigsaw experience – fun for the whole family!

You can choose the level of complexity for each jigsaw, from 4 to 300 pieces, using an intuitive slider that adjusts the difficulty level. There’s a “piece rotation” toggle, which allows you to start with jigsaw pieces randomly assorted or in the correct position. There’s a very easy-to-use “tray” to search through pieces as you work on your jigsaw. You can zoom in and out to explore detail in each jigsaw and see the whole picture. There are information pages at the end of every jigsaw – learn more about our books and apps and explore more of the picture with “Can you see” questions for young children. And there’s lot’s more! You can watch Ed demonstrate just a few of the great features in the app in the video below:

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