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Posted by Tom, September 25, 2013

Come to our October reading group!

We’re making plans for our October Reading Group, and we’re going to shake things up a bit for the next event! This time around, rather than discussing a single title, we’ll be talking about a group of three books collected around a common theme. This month the subject will be illustrated fiction, and we’ll be reading Claude on the Slopes by Alex T. Smith, Dixie O’Day: In the Fast Lane by Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy, and our very own Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake-Off by Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger.

We’ll also be meeting at a slightly different time of the month to usual (as the Frankfurt Book Fair is interrupting our normal date), and so this time the group will take place on Tuesday October 15 (but still at 6.30pm), here at the Crow’s Nest (10a Lant Street).

Some things aren’t changing, though – we’d still love it if you took part online, either through Twitter, with the #NCGKids hashtag, or on The Guardian’s website, where there’ll be a page for discussion.

If you would like to come, send me an email ([email protected]) – we’ll post some questions for discussion closer to the date. Claude on the Slopes and The Glorious Granny Bake-Off haven’t been published yet, but they will have been by the time of the group – you can pre-order Claude here and Bake-Off here, and buy Dixie O’Day here.

We hope you can join us!

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