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Posted by Kate, May 6, 2010

Decision time

Kate got back from Germany just in time to vote. Nosy Crow people are, politically, a pretty diverse bunch: Kate reckons that at least three parties were voted for by us.

She’s posting with half-an-hour to go until the polls close in what has been, for all the reasons that more knowledgeable people have already commented on, a more exciting election than she can remember for a long time.

We don’t know what shocks and surprises are in store tomorrow and beyond but, from a Nosy Crow perspective, we hope that the government, whatever it is,

1. Recognises the importance of literacy for everyone, but particularly for children, and supports literacy and reading for pleasure initiatives; and

2. Recognises the economic value to the UK (as well as the cultural and educational value) of authors, illustrators and other creators and of the publishing industry.

Kate and Adrian will be staying awake until they drop, watching TV with a German friend who will be observing the more bizarre aspects of our system and reporting from an entirely different perspective.

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