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Posted by Andi, September 28, 2011

Digital Marketing Lessons From SheStreams Conference

What happens when you pack a hotel conference room full of social media mavens, marketing experts and brands? A whole lot of tweeting, that’s for sure.

This past weekend I had the chance to jump into a mix just like this in New York at the SheStreams Conference. The focus was on marketing to women. (Sorry, guys.)

There were some really inspiring speakers, like Rene Syler author of Good Enough Mother and a former CBS news anchor. Rene dispensed some great nuggets of wisdom about being true to yourself and following your passion in work and life. Also, we heard from Lisa Druxman, founder of the American company Stroller Strides. She told the story of how her business, which focuses on pre and postnatal exercises for moms, grew from a workout she designed for herself, into a rapidly expanding American franchise.

One of my favorite panels during the conference featured our friends at Moms With Apps, Lorraine and Lynette. They did an apps soup to nuts presentation that covered everything from finding a developer to picking a platform (iOS vs. Android). You can see the link to their presentation here.

At the Moms with Apps panel I had the opportunity to give some input on how Nosy Crow approaches our outreach to reporters and bloggers… bottom line: lots of emails! Holly Rosen Fink from Ruckus Media Group was there as well. Ruckus recently announced a partnership with Scholastic. The photo above shows Holly, Lynette, Lorraine and me after the panel. (left to right).

For me, the overarching messages from SheStreams was the importance of staying true to your mission, and communicating that passion to others. And I think that’s what everyone here at Nosy Crow does. We aim to inspire children to love reading, whether in print books or apps, and we’re always thinking about what they will find exciting, or engrossing or amusing.

So far, it seems like we’re on the right track. But we love getting feedback from children, parents, teachers and fellow app developers. So keep the suggestions coming! The beauty of the App Store is that we can improve and update The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella regularly. Each time we make a change, people who own the app get an alert that an update is available.

Likewise, when the next Cinderella update is available, we’ll be sure to tweet it to you. That is, after all, what we do. Conference room or not.

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