Don’t Wake Up Tiger (the crochet edition)

Don't Wake Up Tiger | Britta Teckentrup

We received an email from Britta Teckentrup, author-illustrator of Don’t Wake Up Tiger, with some INCREDIBLE photographs. In her email, Britta said:

“I have just received some photographs from a Dutch lady who has knitted all of my characters from Don’t Wake Up Tiger. and wanted to share them with you as they are absolutely lovely, I think. Her name is Evelien Poelarends – she works at her son’s school library once a week and knitted the characters just for fun.”

Don’t Wake Up Tiger has been an incredible success in the Netherlands – the book (translated as Ssst! De tijger slaapt, and published by Gottmer Uitgevers) has won the prestigious Picture Book of the Year award from the Dutch organisation CPNB.

And these crochet characters from the book are absolutely EXTRAORDINARY! Here’s a look at them all:

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And you can take a look inside Don’t Wake Up Tiger (and see what EXCELLENT likeness Evelien’s crochet versions are!) below:

Buy the book.

Thank you, Britta – and thank you, Evelien!


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