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Posted by Kate, March 5, 2012

Double birthday

It’s the birthday of two of the founders of Nosy Crow: Adrian and Camilla. Another excuse for cake – this time a very impressively high carrot cake made by Tom. Camilla, not normally prone to such woo-woo stuff, thinks it’s kind of strange that I should have chosen to set up a company with two people born on the same day – though, admittedly, quite a few years apart.

Their first joint birthday fell just days after we launched the company, when there were just four of us so it was legitimate for us to blog that 50% of the workforce had their birthday on the same day.

Having said that, it rather looks as if they are a bit lonely in the office two years on, but that’s because everyone’s to the right of the picture, waiting with forks poised.

And Steph gave her bird birthday card to Adrian a swift corvid makeover:


In addition to cake we’re currently enjoying particularly dramatic skies over Southwark:


We need all the external sources of chipperness we can get, as we slog through pre-Bologna work: several of us were coding, designing etc through Sunday… while Tom probably spent a bit too much time over the weekend on our Pinterest boards and Tumblr. I expect he’ll be Instagramming that photo of the sky as I write.

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