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Posted by Sam, November 11, 2019

Early Praise for The Girl Who Stole an Elephant!

In just a few months time, we’re excited to be publishing The Girl Who Stole an Elephant, written by Nizrana Farook and with cover art by David Dean – a thrilling and enchanting jungle adventure, featuring a courageous hero and an intrepid gang of animals, set in the lush jungle!

Chaya, a no-nonsense, outspoken hero, leads her friends and a gorgeous elephant on a noisy, fraught, joyous adventure through the jungle where revolution is stirring and leeches lurk. Will stealing the queen’s jewels be the beginning or the end of everything for the gang?

Today we’re sharing some glittering early reviews of the book…

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant is as rich, dazzling and alluring as a pouchful of royal jewels, and as triumphant as a trumpeting elephant! I loved it!’ – Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

‘A glorious, fast-paced adventure through the jungle. The Girl Who Stole an Elephant is adventuring at its best; a mystery, a jewel thief, and escape into the jungle with an elephant at your side.’ – Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk

‘Chaya, schoolgirl by day, thief by night, will steal your heart in this incredibly assured debut that’s packed with adventure, friendship and loyalty.’ – Aisha Bushby, author of A Pocketful of Stars

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure from start to finish! The settings are richly drawn and hooked me right into their bright colours, exotic smells and vibrant sounds. A thrilling, page-turning adventure.’ – Julie Pike, author of The Last Spell Breather

Read the first few chapters on this wonderful new adventure below:

The Girl Who Stole an Elephant will be trumpeting into bookshops on January 9th. You can pre-order your copy from Waterstones here or from The Hive here!

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