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Posted by Kate, March 10, 2010

Edit, edit, edit

Though distracted by

  • a website crash in the morning
  • the great response (on the website and directly) to March 8’s post of the results of the “What boys really like”
  • Twitter
  • the fact that the neighbours were having a wall demolished brick by ear-splitting brick with a drill
  • a first-ever (really: there are advantages to always being at work) visit from Jehovah’s Witnesses

Kate spent a day at home – another first! – editing Small Blue Thing. She realises that she could not work from home because there is too much of interest in the fridge. Well, she could work from home, but she’d have to be winched out.

Small Blue Thing is a joy to work on, and Sue a joy to work with. In editing terms, we’re just over half-way through the book. Callum’s sister Catherine – a ghostly Dirge, like her brother – has persuaded Alex that Callum has been lying to her: all he wants is to drain Alex of her memories and move on to his next victim. Alex can’t bear to believe she’s been betrayed, but she knows, too, that Callum has been evasive. Alex has ripped the amulet that lets her see Callum from her wrist, though he begs her not to, and she’s devastated. Ooooh, it’s good!

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