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Posted on February 4, 2020

Ella on the Outside has been selected for the 2020 Reading Well for children booklist

The Reading Agency‘s 2020 Reading Well for children booklist was announced yesterday – and we’re absolutely thrilled that Ella on the Outside, by Cath Howe has been selected!

The Reading Well for children booklist has been created to raise awareness about children’s mental health and to provide support to children themselves. The 33 books cover topics relevant to children today, including grief, anxiety, bullying and staying safe online.

Ella is the new girl at school. She doesn’t know anyone and she doesn’t have any friends. And she has a terrible secret. Ella can’t believe her luck when Lydia, the most popular girl in school, decides to be her new best friend – but what does Lydia really want? And what does it all have to do with Molly, the quiet, shy girl who won’t talk to anyone?

Read the first few chapters below:

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You can find out more about the Reading Well for children booklist, and this year’s selections, here.