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Posted by Tom, August 17, 2018

Ellen Renner discusses the inspirations behind Storm Witch

Earlier this week we shared a video of author Ellen Renner reading from her new book Storm Witch – the first instalment of a gripping fantasy quartet.

And today you can watch the second in our series of videos with Ellen, in which she talks about some of the inspirations behind the book.

You can watch Ellen discussing some of the inspirations behind Storm Witch at the top of this post – and here she is reading from the book:

Pre-order the book.

And you can also read the book’s opening chapter below:

Pre-order the book.

Child of Air, Water, Earth or Fire: now that she is thirteen, Storm must undertake The Choosing and be claimed by one of the Elementals, which will determine her whole life’s work. But for Storm, daughter of a father murdered by Water and a warrior mother claimed by Earth, there will be no easy destiny.

The Elementals bestow her with a great and terrible gift. Storm-bringer. Storm-rider. Storm-queller. Storm has powers that no one, not even the island Elders, can understand. And when the Drowned Ones – a savage band of pirates who roam the seas on floating towns – attack her island, will her powers help her to save the people she loves, or is her fate to betray everything she holds dear? Soon Storm faces a decision which will change her life – and that of everyone who lives on her island – forever.

Perfect for fans of Ursula Le Guin, Storm Witch introduces an extraordinary new fantasy world. The book will be in shops in September –  you can pre-order your copy now, and if you’d like to stay up-to-date with all of our book news, you can sign up to our books newsletter with the form below, and you’ll never miss a thing.


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