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Posted by Tom, January 27, 2015

Even more Nosy Crow picture books now available as iBooks!

We’re very excited to be continuing our programme of audio-enhanced iBook editions of our picture books – and today there are some fantastic new titles on sale, including (deep breath) iBook editions of the picture book versions of our award-winning fairy tale apps!

The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella, illustrated by Ed Bryan, are both now available as apps, print picture books, AND iBooks – there’s no excuse not to enjoy these fantastic fairy tales.

Here’s a look inside The Three Little Pigs:


And here’s a look inside Cinderella:


And if you’ve not yet discovered the original, highly interactive app versions of the stories, here are the trailers for The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella:

And that’s not all! This month we’ve also published an audio-enhanced iBook of Because I Love You, written by David Bedford and illustrated by Rebecca Harry.

It’s bedtime for Little Bear, but as his mummy tucks him into bed, he wonders if he’s had enough love that day. So Mummy Bear takes Little Bear on a journey, reminding him of all that they’ve done that day – of the laughter, the discovery, the joy – but most of all of the love they’ve shared. And Little Bear goes to bed happy, warm – and loved. This is an absolutely charming story, beautifully illustrated about a mother’s love – here’s a look inside:

We’ll be releasing more fantastic picture books on the iBook Store early next month – keep an eye on this blog for more details!

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