Festive celebrations and three years of publishing at Nosy Crow


This Tuesday at the Crow’s Nest normal proceedings were momentarily cast aside in favour of an evening of festive drinks and home-made canapés – and it was tremendous fun to celebrate our third year of publishing with so many friends: authors, illustrators, agents, booksellers, journalists, librarians, designers, and many more. The picture at the top of this post gives an idea of what the Crow’s Nest looked like on the night – decorated with fairy lights and dozens of home-made pom-poms (another stroke of decorative genius by our design team – a blog post with instructions to make your own may be forthcoming) – and here, by popular demand, are some of the photos taken on on the night:

Illustrator Axel Scheffler and author Philip Ardagh, creators of The Grunts series.

Giancarlo Gemin, author of Cowgirl, with Dear Scarlett author Fleur Hitchcock.

Elys Dolans, creator of Weasels, with Kate.

Books Always Everywhere author Jane Blatt and illustrator Sarah Massini.

Bizzy Bear illustrator Benji Davies with agent Vicki Wilden-Lebrecht.

Steven Lenton, illustrator for Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam, with Ola, Zoe and Kristina.

Small Blue Thing author S.C. Ransom with Kate and Helen Peters, author of The Secret Hen House Theatre.

A full album of photos will be posted on our Facebook page later today. And from all of us at Nosy Crow, merry Christmas!


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  • That was a lovely party! The decorations, the food and the atmosphere were all great and there were so many interesting and talented and friendly people I think it was so kind & welcoming of you to hold a party. Many thanks for the invitation and congratulations for all your success this past year – and, indeed, since you began!

  • Wonderful party with delicious food and drink. Everyone was so friendly and interesting to talk to. I think the overriding thing we all had in common was that we were thrilled to be part of Nosy Crow in some way. Well Done Nosy Crow!!!

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