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Posted by Fiona, January 13, 2016

Five top days: Top five moments

Today’s post is by Nosy Crow’s new Assistant Editor, Fiona Scoble.

Five days ago I swooped in to join the Crow’s Nest, perched romantically at the summit of a terrifying cast iron spiral staircase. I’m thrilled to be working as Assistant Editor on their fabulous fiction list, and in honour of our altitude I’ve listed five high points of my time so far:

Relishing the ambitious and playful use of quantum physics to tell a very human story in The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher EdgeWhat a wonderful bit of storytelling!

I’ve been flush with publication advances this week. Not only did Albie Bright arrive, but also the hilarious Pugly Bakes a Cake and Attack of the Demon Dinner Ladies, written by comic genius Pamela Butchart. I’ve been quietly chuckling on my commute home every day.

Observing the pigeon soap opera unfolding on the rooftop outside the window. They may lack the glamour necessary for a TV career, but those guys can sure do drama.

Being in the middle of whirling conversations about book covers, submissions, cake icing and plot lines. The Nosy Crow office is a lively and collaborative place, full of caffeine and ideas.

Being extremely close to Borough Market – although I may reconsider this one when I get gout after a few weeks of eating wild boar pasta and Comté for lunch.

I can’t wait to read and see more from the amazing authors and illustrators on Nosy Crow’s list, and to help find new talent to join this great imprint. I couldn’t be happier to brave the Nosy Crow staircase each morning!