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Posted by Tom, March 26, 2014

Four fab ways to change the world: introducing a brand new series from Holly Webb!

This May we’re launching an incredibly exciting new series from best-selling author Holly Webb – and you can take a look inside for the first time today!

How do you save the planet when your parents have a private jet and couldn’t live without their outdoor swimming pool? And what if you really want to be a vegetarian but you love bacon sandwiches sooo much? Holly Webb explores these questions and MUCH more in this fantastic new sequence of books about four friends who want to make the world a better place – entertaining, inspirational and ideal for 8+ year olds.

The series begins with Maya’s Secret, out in May – but you can read two excerpts today!

Maya loves her new school but she hates keeping secrets from her friends. Especially when she’s had the best idea for their class project! The trouble is, for her idea to work, she’s going to have to tell them who she really is. And that might just change everything.

Here’s the first chapter:

And here’s a further excerpt:

You can pre-order Maya’s Secret online here.

The series will continue with Izzy’s River in July, Poppy’s Garden in October, and Emily’s Dream in January next year.

Four fab books, four fab friends, and four fab ways to change the world – this is a series to look out for!