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Posted by Julia, January 9, 2020

Four Nosy Crow books included in the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge

The book collection for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge has just been announced, and we’re absolutely thrilled to see that four Nosy Crow titles have made the list!

The Summer Reading Challenge is a Reading Agency initiative, and takes place every year during the summer holidays. It encourages children aged 4 to 11 to read six library books during the long summer holiday, to keep up their reading skills and confidence and to complete the Challenge. In 2019, over 700,000 children in the UK took part.

There’s a different theme each year – this year’s theme is Silly Squad, and is a celebration of funny books, happiness and laughter.

There are four Nosy Crow titles included in this year’s selection – here’s a look at each.

Bad Cat!, by Nicola O,Byrne is included in this year’s younger books collection.

Fluffykins is a lovely cat. He wouldn’t do anything naughty . . . would he? But what’s this? He’s knocked over the flowers, tangled up all the knitting, bent the blinds, trodden on the laptop AND scratched the sofa . . . and he won’t say sorry. What a bad cat! Whatever will Fluffykins do next? This witty and perfectly-paced story by award-winning author-illustrator Nicola O’Byrne revels in all the mayhem of living with a feline friend.

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Mr Brown’s Bad Day, written by Lou Peacock and illustrated by Alison Friend, is also included in the younger books collection.

Mr Brown is a Very Important Tiger who works in a Very Important Office. He carries a Very Important Briefcase and does Very Important Things all day long. But when his Very Important Briefcase goes missing, Mr Brown’s world is turned upside down. He goes on a VERY wild chase all over town, but will he ever get his briefcase back? And what about the Very Important Things inside?

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Wigglesbottom Primary: Break-Time Bunnies written by Pamela Butchart and illustrated by Becka Moor, with three hilarious adventures from our favourite classroom!

All is chaos in Year 2! An unexpected visitor, a bewitched violin and an invasion of bunnies! What can it all mean? This series is ideal for children growing in confidence as readers and beginning to read alone.

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And finally, On Your Marks, Get Set, Gold! written by Scott Allen and illustrated by Antoine Corbineau has been included in this year’s lineup for older children.

From boxing to boccia, find out just what it takes to become an Olympic and Paralympic star in this hilariously informative guide to the games. For each sport you’ll discover why it’s great, why it’s not so great, what skills and equipment you’ll need to start practising and even how to sound like a pro! With bold, energetic illustrations and a text packed with weird, wonderful and wildly hilarious facts, this is a laugh-a-minute, fascinating guide to every Olympic and Paralympic sport.


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You can find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge, and read this year’s complete book collections, here.

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