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Posted by Kate, January 12, 2011

Free as a bird

One of the great things about the publishing industry is how many people leave it.

They leave it, in that they leave big publishing companies and corporate life, and then they become experienced, highly-skilled and very creative freelancers.

Steph is our Head of Design, but that doesn’t stop us, and her, working with a range of different freelancers.

One freelancer that Nosy Crow has got very friendly with is Nicola Theobald, who’s worked at Random and Orchard and who’s been working on some of our fiction covers. Here she is (on the left) with Kirsty choosing foil for the cover of Adam Frost’s Danny Danger and the Cosmic Remote, the first book in a series that she’s desiging for us.

On the table you’ll also see, among other things:

1. A proof of the cover for Olivia’s First Term by Lyn Gardner, a series she’s also desiging for us, and a thing of great loveliness it is too.

2. Kate’s notebook, open for the energetic but incompetent sketching to which she resorts when talking about covers, something that strikes despair into the heart of every designer she’s ever worked with

3. Cake. Almond and apricot. Very delicious. Made by Kirsty for the occasion.

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